5 Clever Gifts for the People Who Already Have Everything


Have you ever noticed how it seems like someone on your holiday list already appears to have everything? While we’d like this to automatically exempt us from buying them a present, the world doesn’t work that way. So what are we to do? Well, quite frankly, we get creative.

The best presents capture the essence of the giftee and pique their interest. Sometimes it’s nice to uncover something new they might not have ever heard about. A rare used book, a delicious treat, a cheerful pick-me-up or the best digital camera to the rescue!


While showing your appreciation for someone can also come in the form of experiences or gifts of time, sending something tangible, that they can hold in their hands, is also delightful. Here are a few tricks to keep up your sleeve.

For The Home Chef: Cloth Napkins

Pretty cloth napkins make dinnertime more special. They soak up food better and fold nicer. They also cut back on waste because you can reuse them. Decorative napkins add color to a tablescape.

Don’t fret about causing more work for the giftee to keep them clean. If napkins are gently used, they can be left in place for another use. Having two sets of cloth napkins might be the ultimate option, as one can get tossed in the wash right away after pasta night.

For The Artistic: A Digital Camera

Sure, we have high-resolution cameras in our pockets already, but using a DSLR can take photography to new heights. The best digital camera will take still images in low light, with the option to capture video, too. Some are able to film in 4K resolution or slow motion.

If you’re overwhelmed trying to decide which type to purchase, check out our best digital camera selection that has been vetted by a team of experts.


For The Beauty Aficionado: A Chic Shower Cap

Shower caps protect your hair in a variety of ways, whether it be extending a blowout, preventing frizz or helping deep conditioning treatments work their magic. You can even wear one while you sleep to ward off damage.

For The Coffee Fanatic: A French Press

Coffee aficionados rave about the quality of coffee brewed in a French press. Oils are what give coffee its flavor and allow you to differentiate one variety from another. Since presses don’t use paper filters, the natural oils in the coffee beans transfer to the brew.


For Your Green Friend: A Bike Basket

Bike baskets are perfect to tote a fresh bouquet of flowers from the farmers’ market or a gallon of milk and baguette from the grocery store. Whether you’re heading home or to a picnic, a bike basket can make the commute easy and breezy. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small wired ones to beautiful hand-woven straw masterpieces.

When in doubt, edible gifts are always useful. Consider wrapping a beautiful box of smoked salmon, high-end bottle of wine or a box of truffles. If it’s consumable, there’s a good chance it won’t go to waste.

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