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What do you wear when you want to strike the right balance between casual and pulled-together and you have a generous amount to spend on your wardrobe?

For many jet-setting men with a luxury shoe budget, the choice is the bestselling Zegna Triple Stitch sneaker.


$990 at Zegna from $990 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Retailing from $950 to $1390 (barring any sales) these Italian-made laceless slip-ons have become the go-to shoe for those who fly private. They’re not only easy to get on and off, but they were redesigned for travel to be even more lightweight. Their durable yet flexible rubber soles also can handle lots of trekking.

“It’s incredible how an item that was already around can be rethought and then become so successful,” Zegna artistic director Alessandro Sartori told South China Morning Post. “Originally it was very heavy and padded with a lot of material inside so it was also quite warm and we made it lighter. The sole was quite hard so it wasn’t easy to walk in them.”

The Triple Stitch name comes from the three sets of crossed elastics running down the front of the sneaker, a stylish detail that replaces having to tie your shoes. Even on the most practical level, if you’ve traveled before, you know that you’re going to need to slip your shoes off at TSA. With a pair of lightweight, lace-less sneakers, it’s going to make security a whole lot simpler.

But let’s be real here. The vast majority of us don’t have over $900 to drop on a pair of sneakers. But if you’re a frequent traveler (whether by plane or train), you can get affordable slip on sneakers that’ll make trips easier.

However, if you’re looking for elevated sneakers with a similar look but in a different price range, we have five alternatives to suggest.

Naot Director Shoes


From $200 at Amazon

The Naot Director slip-on shoe with an elastic gore section on the sides of the shoe at the instep so they are easier to get in and out of and wear. These shoes are made from leather, and that gives them a dressier look. However, they also have extra padding inside and a removable and replaceable footbed.

Olukai Lae’ahi Men’s Slip On Sneakers

Man wearing Olukai shoes

$100 at Olukai $100 at Nordstrom

The Olukai Lae‘ahi slip on sneaker is more casual in appearance than the Zegna but still streamlined in appearance and very breathable. With a mesh front and leather back, these shoes have a fusion-style. The heel is also designed to fold down so the shoe can be worn as a mule. That feature also makes it easier to slip on if you want to wear the back up.

Aldo Men’s Rebound Slip On Shoes

Man wearing Aldo Rebound shoes

$40 at Aldo $90) at Macys

The Aldo Men’s Rebound slip-on has an “easy-in” heel that makes these hands-free to get on and off. The shoes are made of 70% recycled polyester and come in white and black. The soles are rubber and add extra cushion to your step.

Alfani Men’s Grayson Suede Lace-Up Sneakers


$60 at Macy’s 

The Macy’s exclusive Alfani Grayson lace-up sneakers have a similar feel to the Zegna Triple Stitch. The lacing is tidy and dressier looking and the suede finish adds an upscale feel. They come in burgundy or light blue and a number of neutral colors.

Vessi Everyday Move Slip-Ons

From $114 (was $145) at Vessi

If comfort is paramount to anything else, Vessi’s Everyday Move shoes are perfect. This pair of slip on sneakers is waterproof, breathable and designed for comfort. These shoes are also designed to be lightweight making them easy to travel in and pack.

Which pair of dressy casual shoes strikes you the most?

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