You’ll laugh when you see what one woman received after she ordered this chair from Amazon

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One woman from Virginia was on a mission when ordering from Blaque, 25, has a wig business and as her business is on the upswing, she decided it was time to dedicate part of her apartment to her growing business.

So, she hopped on Amazon to see what the e-commerce site had to equip her space. After adding a desk to her cart, she was given the option to pick up this chic-looking ghost chair for only $4.29 as an add-on item. Of course, she went for it.


“I didn’t think twice about the chair,” Blaque told HuffPost. “I didn’t look at the description or reviews.”

So she proceeded to check out, after probably thinking she just scored a very good deal on this chair. It was a few days later when she got her shipment. The box was big, but apparently not big enough in her eyes to hold the steal-of-a-chair she had just ordered a few days prior.

“Even still, I thought it was kind of small to hold a chair,” she mentioned to HuffPost.

She eagerly opened her box, and much to her surprise, there was no chair! Blaque told HuffPost that there was one small white box left in the shipment. She thought maybe it was something she ordered that she forgot about. Perhaps even a mistake?

Nope. It was the cute ghost chair she ordered…except it was a miniature version! Clearly, she didn’t read the fine print before she clicked “add to cart”!

Blaque told HuffPost she immediately burst out laughing. She then proceeded to take a photo of it, and put it up on Twitter. Well, that picture went viral in a hurry, receiving nearly 5,000 retweets and 11,000 likes.

I think what people really liked about the picture of the mini-chair Blaque posted was just how relatable it is. Let’s be real, how many times have you ordered something online and it arrived looking entirely different? It happens to the best of us—and the tweets Blaque received in response to her Amazon fail verified that.

“Apparently I’m not alone with this type of purchase,” Blaque said to HuffPost. “I had so many people tell me they bought the same chair or something else that was miniature!”

But even though she’ll never be able to sit in it, Blaque did decide to keep the cute little chair to remind her of her laughable mistake.

“Maybe it’ll end up being a business card holder,” she told HuffPost.

That’s one way to make lemonade out of lemons!

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