You Can Get an Instant Pot Aura at Target for Almost Half Price

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If you don’t yet have an Instant Pot Aura, you’re missing out. These kitchen superstars are several appliances in one. They can work as a slow cooker — and they’ll saute, bake, stew, roast and ferment. These multi-cookers can also make rice and yogurt. They’re energy-efficient and work much more quickly than traditional cooking methods to boot.

Right now, you can get an Instant Pot 6qt Aura Multi Cooker at Target online for just $69.95. Normally priced at $129.95, it’s nearly half off the regular price! The Instant Pot is eligible for free two-day shipping and can also be picked up in-store for free.

However, you should note this model is not a pressure cooker, so you won’t be able to do some of the cooking that Instant Pots are known for. You will be able to do multiple types of cooking, like browning and slow-cooking, in the same device, however, which is not a bad thing. This gives the Instant Pot Aura an advantage over other similar appliances.


Using microprocessor technology, the Instant Pot Aura ensures even cooking.  You also get the ability to customize the cooking time and temperature to get the exact results you want. It even features a 24-hour delay start so you can program dinner to be ready exactly when you need it. If you’re running late, the automatic warming function will ensure your meal doesn’t go cold.

The exterior of the appliance is made of brushed stainless steel and is fingerprint resistant, so it will always look sleek and tidy on your countertop. The cooking pot, lid and steam/roasting rack are dishwasher safe.

Not sure what to make with your Instant Pot Aura? The possibilities are endless. Multi-cookers are so popular for a reason, so you’ll want to check out all the recipes available and consider how to use it for weekly meal prep. The slow-cooking function is more versatile than you think, and can be used for breakfast, for dessert, and for cooking more than one dish at a time! You can make meals ahead, too, to save time after a long weekday.

You’ll also be able to make a few of the things the Instant Pot is known for, such as yogurt, so you may wish to join one of the many Instant Pot communities to find out more.

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Are you looking for a versatile multi-cooker? If so, maybe an Instant Pot Aura is the answer! Check it out now.






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