You can get a free breakfast burrito with any purchase at Taco Bell

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Attention, Taco Bell lovers! You can get a free breakfast burrito with any purchase you make at Taco Bell. But, this awesome deal is only good for a limited time. You have until May 11 to claim your free breakfast burrito, so make sure you pick a morning to give your kitchen a rest and stop by Taco Bell before this deal is gone.

To be eligible for a free breakfast burrito, you have to make your purchase via the Taco Bell app or website. Then, go into your local Taco Bell and pick up your order— and your free breakfast burrito!

In order to redeem this offer, you must register as a user either on the Taco Bell website or by ordering your meal through the app. You also need to make sure you select a Taco Bell which has a pickup location. Sadly, this offer is not good for delivery orders.

Taco Bell

The Taco Bell breakfast menu is available until 11 a.m. at participating Taco Bell locations. The Taco Bell breakfast burrito is made with scrambled eggs, nacho cheese sauce, and your choice of bacon or sausage crumbles. For just 340 calories, this protein-packed burrito will make getting up early worth the effort.

And don’t miss out on other offerings from the Taco Bell breakfast menu, like the Breakfast Crunchwrap, which is made with scrambled eggs, hashbrowns, cheese, bacon and creamy jalapeno sauce. Add guacamole (for an additional 45 cents) to make your crunchwrap even more craveable.


If you are watching your carb count, don’t worry. You can still enjoy breakfast at Taco Bell — and save yourself from having to clean up at home. Try a mini skillet bowl, and ask them to hold the potatoes. For just $1, you now have a keto-friendly breakfast bowl featuring eggs, cheese and pico de gallo. Add sausage or bacon (for an additional cost) to make your bowl even more filling and protein packed.

Or, surprise your coworkers or your family by bringing in a box of Cinnabon Delights. At just $5 for a dozen, these sweet little treats will make you ask “Donuts, who?”

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