Yeedi robot vacuums are up to $240 off for Prime Early Access sale today

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If you have been hoping to buy a new robot vacuum but wanted to wait for a great price, now might be the ideal time. Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale is taking place Oct. 11-12, and Yeedi has some deep discounts on vacuums and vacuum/mop combos you won’t want to miss.

During this special 48-hour sale, Prime members can access deals worthy of the holiday season. For example, the following Yeedi robot vacuums will be as much as $240 off during the Prime Early Access Sale.

Yeedi Mop Station Pro ($560, originally $800) 


As someone with a dog that sheds a ton and loves the outdoors, a truck-driving husband and five grandchildren, I have my share of dirty floors. So, when Yeedi offered to send me its highest-end robot vacuum and mop to test, I was excited to try it.

The Yeedi Mop Station Pro is a three-in-one robot vacuum and mop. I love that you don’t have to vacuum/sweep first and then mop, as this robot vac can tackle dry and wet messes in one go.

It has two upgraded mopping pads that tightly press hard floors with 10 newtons of force. I found it easily washed away dried on and sticky stains on my hard floors. One thing I did notice is that if you have low-hanging kitchen cabinets near the floor, this gadget might not be able to navigate into that space.

This Yeedi robot vacuum also has an ultrasonic carpet sensor to avoid wetting them while in mopping mode. And the 3,000 Pascal pressure units worth of suction quickly picks up dirt, pet hair, lint and other messes.

I was amazed at how much hair and dirt was in my carpets that my traditional vacuum was apparently missing. The brush is easy to clean and also includes a safe cutting blade you can use if the hair builds up on the roller.

Tricia Goss/Simplemost

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of this self-cleaning robot mop cleaner is just that: The self-cleaning station washes the mopping pads automatically every 10 minutes. When the cleaning is complete, it will wash and dry them to prevent odors and mildew. I loved not having to handle the grimy, damp pads.

Two large (3 1/2-liter) water tanks store clean and dirty water separately, making floor cleaning as hands-free as possible. You will need a sizable space near an outlet to store the station.

This Wi-Fi-connected smart robot vacuum and mop combo lets you schedule cleaning, set up zones and more using the app or voice control with Alexa and Google Home. I found it extremely easy to set up and use, thanks to the app. It has a rating at Amazon of four stars out of five with around 50 customers weighing in so far.

You’ll save about $240 on it during the Prime Early Access Sale.

Yeedi Vac ($200, originally $300)


With 3,000 Pascals of suction, a side brush and a floating rolling brush, this Yeedi robot vacuum will loosen and remove dirt from carpeted and hard floors. In addition, the advanced sonic carpet sensor lets the vacuum increase suction on the carpet for a deeper clean.

Advanced visual mapping ensures every spot is vacuumed, and you can use the editable map in the app for custom cleaning, even when you’re away from home.

It runs nearly two hours on a charge and will automatically recharge when necessary, resuming where it left off when it’s ready to go once more.

This vacuum has 4.2 stars from almost 3,500 ratings. Customers say it has good suction power and works well to pick up hair, while the remote control and battery life are decent.

You can get this Yeedi vac for $100 off during the Prime Early Access Sale.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro ($315, originally $450)


With a unique oscillating mop and strong-suctioning vacuum, this Yeedi robot vacuum will vacuum and scrub floors simultaneously. In addition, it can identify the floor type and choose the proper cleaning method.

The 3D obstacle-avoidance feature will dodge toys, clothes and other objects left on the floor. And innovative visual mapping traces your home like a GPS device, planning the most efficient way to clean.

This high-tech vacuum has rating of 4.3 stars from almost 600 users so far, and customers who reviewed it say it’s easy to use and efficient.

“Within an hour of delivery it’s almost finished my [2,000-square-foot] house,” wrote reviewer Richie and Ashleigh. “It’s pretty much plug and play. I am thoroughly impressed how smart this vac is. Amazed how it can mop my entire house with a few ounces of water. It swept and mopped all my hard floors first then came back for rugs once water depleted.”

The Yeedi vac 2 robot vacuum can run for up to 240 minutes on a charge, so big houses should be no problem. Save $135 during the Prime Early Access Sale.

Yeedi Vac Station, $350 (originally $500)


This Yeedi robot vacuum-mop combo promises to keep your house tidy for up to 30 days at a time, hands-free, as you don’t even have to clean out the dustbin during that time. The Yeedi vac station suctions dirt from the vacuum’s dustbin into its 2 1/2-liter dust bag.

This Yeedi vac has high suction power and a smart mopping system that aims to leave all of your floors spotless with a single run. In addition, the extended run time of 200 minutes allows it clean larger homes on a single charge.

Like other Yeedi vacuums, it has visual mapping and Wi-Fi technology, allowing you to set it up and then go about your day. In addition, the app and connectivity with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant will enable you to clean with a tap or command, no matter where you are.

You can get this Yeedi robot vacuum-and-mop combo at $150 off during the Prime Early Access Sale.

Yeedi Vac X ($160, originally $200)


The more budget-friendly Yeedi Vac X was designed for deep cleaning. It has a side brush, a main rolling brush, and strong suction. It can run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge and has the tech features for which Yeedi robot vacuums are known.

This vacuum has 4.2 stars and more than 5,400 ratings. Customers say the setup is easy, and that it’s a great vacuum at an excellent price.

“I tried a Roomba before and LOL it didn’t stand a chance,” wrote a reviewer named Ariel D, “the Roomba would do those weird circles over spots and it still wouldn’t get all the pet hair. This guy though? Destroys all debris in its path.”

You can get this Yeedi robot vacuum at $40 off during the Prime Early Access Sale.

Yeedi Vac Max, $240 (originally $350)


This Yeedi vacuum-mop combo is ideal for homes with hard flooring. It has industry-leading suction power and a four-stage cleaning system along with visual mapping, app and voice control and the ability to customize cleaning.

The Yeedi Vac Max can pick up pet hair, crumbs and dirt, and then tackle wet or dry messes with its intelligent mopping system. With more than 1,300 ratings and 4.1 stars, this Yeedi vacuum is $110 off during the Prime Early Access Sale.

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