More employers are conducting job interviews during gym workouts

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If you thought you were all sweaty and nervous for your last interview, that was nothing. The Wall Street Journal reports that having candidates work out while interviewing for a job position is becoming more and more popular these days. How do you feel about letting your performance in the gym play a factor in determining how you measure up in the workplace?

People are going to answer this question differently, and based on the interviews in the Wall Street Journal article, folks either tolerated it or absolutely hated it.

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For instance, Laura Yecies was once interviewed for a position while going on an hour-long hike with no warning about the hike aspect prior to the interview, according to the Wall Street Journal. Ultimately, she decided not to take the job, partially due to the fact that she didn’t feel she’d enjoy working for the boss.

But no matter how you feel about the whole exercising while interviewing thing, you’ve got to admit this is an interesting strategy.

Seeing your boss in this environment would definitely give you a sense of what they’d be like to work with. Are they motivating? If so, how? By encouraging you to do one more squat and talking you through each one? Seeing someone in this environment can say a lot about a person, for both the interviewer and the interviewee.

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According to Forbes, exercising can reduce stress and improve productivity, which is likely a reason exercise has begun to seep into the workplace culture. The Forbes article recommends working out at midday, doing whatever form of exercise you like most. So maybe consider switching out that afternoon coffee for an afternoon run instead?

And as far as swapping office interviews for a gym environment…well, if and when the time comes, you’ll just have to do whatever makes you the most comfortable. Although it’s all about pushing yourself, right?

Besides, interviews are never “comfortable” anyway.

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