Got An Eye For Photography? These 4 Work-From-Home Job Opportunities Are For You


Do you love taking pictures? Are you gifted at photo editing? If you are happiest behind the camera, but you also love the convenience of working from home and making your own schedule, then do we have the job(s) for you: A few companies are hiring new talent to help take or edit photos.

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1. Shuttershock Remote Editorial Image Reviewer

The popular stock photography company based in New York is looking for work-from-home employees to help review and post images on its site. You will be responsible for ensuring that the photos meet up with Shuttershock’s copyright guidelines, as well as making sure that the photography meets their quality standards. You then will “tag” the images with relevant keywords so that users will be able to quickly find photos that meet their unique needs.

This remote position is part-time and requires about 20-30 hours per week, including 5-8 hours on the weekends. The company is hiring in the “Western USA” only, but the position is work-from-home. Learn more and apply here.

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2. Mendr Remote Freelance Photo Editor

Mendr is another company seeking remote photo editors. Mendr is in the process of launching a comprehensive photo-editing mobile app to touch up photos on the go. From teeth-whitening to changing exposure to brightening eyes, Mendr wants to help everyone to look their best in their pictures. (Definitely a must in our Tinder world!) You can work as many or as few hours as you desire, and you can make your own schedule. Two years each of Photoshop and photography experience are desired, and the company is aiming to be staffed up by March 5. Sound like a fit for you?Hurry and apply here.

3. Snapwire Freelance Photographer

If you love snapping photos throughout the day, then Snapwire might be a wonderful way for you to earn some extra cash. You can earn money two ways via Snapwire: You can log into the site and look for any photography requests that the company has that may fit your abilities, or you can sell photos from your portfolio on the Snapwire marketplace.

One current photographer challenge is from Hertz car rental service. The company is seeking a great image of a family enjoying a summer holiday. Or, you might take part in the a gardening photo challenge. The pay might be low (the Hertz project pays $25 for each selected photo, for example), but if you continually snap photos, it can be a good way to earn a little extra cash each month, and it’s a good way to work on your craft and build your resume.

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4. Submit Your Photos For Greeting Card Consideration

Greeting card company Avanti Press is always looking for original photography and artwork. You can submit your photos by mail (get more details here), and if the company likes what they see, they will contact you regarding licensing and payment. Plus, how cool would it be to see your own original design on a greeting card? Talk about something that’d make your resume stand out from the crowd. (Got writing skills? Check out these greeting card companies that’ll pay you to write for them.)

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