9 Work-From-Home Jobs That Pay Surprisingly Well


Working from home sounds great in theory, but many jobs available are filled with a lot of work for very little pay. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck doing something you hate, begging for an unattainable raise. Instead, you’ll want to know the right kind of job to look for if you’re working from home, because there are some great options that exist if you find the right one.

Here are nine lucrative work from home career paths that prove you don’t have to be in an office to make a lot of money.

1. Graphic Designers

As a freelance graphic designer, you have the freedom to work from home. You can work for a design agency as an employee or you can start your own freelance design business, and reach out to clients and companies on your own.

Average Salary: $46,900 per year

2. Writer

Anyone with a computer and good writing skills can work from home, and you can choose to write for different websites, blog on your own, take up copywriting and more.

Average Salary: $60,250 per year

3. Case Manager

Case managers work with patients in hospitals, government agencies, non-profit organizations and more, and often they can do this out of the comfort of their own home. They assess and address mental and medical needs, act as an advocate and coordinating services for patients.

Average Salary: $65,530 per year

4. Public Relations Specialist

Public relations specialists work with companies and organizations to create and maintain a favorable public image. This can be done at home, as long as you have a computer to send out emails and design press releases.

Average Salary: $56,770 per year

5. Management Analysts

Many businesses need help improving the efficiency of their organizations, and as a consultant, you can do the majority of your work from home.

Average Salary: $81,320 per year

7. Health Coach

If you have a certification in nutrition or health, you can start your own coaching business, which you can do from home as long as you have access to something like Skype, phone and the internet.

Average Salary: $43,840 per year

6. Online Faculty

If you have a teaching credential or were formerly a professor, you might want to consider becoming a remote teacher leading online training classes or even college courses.

Average Salary: $72,470 per year

8. Computer Software Engineer

Software engineers develop computer programs, and many software engineer jobs allow you to work from home—all you need is a computer!

Average Salary: $100,690 per year

9. Financial Manager

If you’re good with numbers and understand finance, it might be wise to become a financial manager and telecommute from home. Financial managers can help anyone from private clients to big companies.

Average Salary: $117,990 per year

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