You Can Win A Trip To Italy By Creating A New Recipe


The only thing more beautiful than a trip to Italy is a free trip to Italy. And you could be the lucky winner of this awesome prize, provided you know how to throw down in the kitchen and make delicious Italian cuisine.

Explore Cusine, popular purveyors of organic, gluten-free pasta, are offering a chance to win a free trip to Italy. In exchange, they just want you to share your most creative and delectable pasta recipe. It has to be original, meaning no cheating and grabbing your Giada cookbook from the kitchen.

Here’s how it works. First, follow @explorecuisine on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram — where the company posted the announcement about the contest:


Now, upload a picture of your favorite Italian-inspired recipe one of two ways, and include the ingredients used, or a complete recipe, if you like. You can upload it directly to the Explore Cusine entry page. Or you can enter to win via social media, by uploading the content to your own page, then tagging @ExploreCuisine and using the hashtag #PastaPioneerChallenge so the company knows this is an official entry.

Oh, and there is one catch: You have to include a product from the Explore Cuisine brand in your recipe, such as their Organic Edamame and Mung Bean Fettucine, Organic Chickpea Fusili or their Organic Brown Rice Rigatoni. But beyond that, you can pretty much do whatever you want — whether you use an air fryer or a Dutch oven, the sky’s the limit.

Explore Cuisine

Oh, and here is some good news. Each month, Explore Cuisine will select lucky winners to receive fun prizes, including everything from Explore Cuisine’s plant-based products to kitchen gadgets. So while just one grand prize winner will receive a free trip to Italy for two, your entry could still win you some pretty neat stuff for free, even if you aren’t chosen as the ultimate Pasta Pioneer.

What do you think? Does your favorite family pasta recipe have what it takes to win this competition? The Explore Cuisine challenge ends on Nov. 28, 2019, so that gives you plenty of time to perfect your gluten-free cooking skills. Buona fortuna!

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