Why I swear by these $16.99 touchscreen-friendly gloves


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I’m a Midwesterner so, once winter hits, warmth tends to trump style. Last winter, a big arctic blast was predicted to roll through the region, so I went on the hunt for good gloves. But everything I found in stores looked too heavy or too bulky.

What I wanted was a pair of gloves with touch-screen fingertips that fit nicely, kept me warm and looked good doing it. But could I find one pair that checked off all those boxes?

After scrolling through Amazon for a bit, I came across a pair called OZERO Women’s Touch Screen Gloves. They looked like they might be more wind resistant than a pair of wool or cotton gloves. And at $16.99 per pair, it was easy to hit the “Add to Cart” button, even without ever having heard of OZERO.

The black-and-gray gloves came in the mail in a day or so. They felt smooth on both the outside and the inside and the touchscreen fingertips (on both the pointer finger and the thumb) worked perfectly with my smartphone.

What I didn’t expect to like so much was the gripper in the palm of the glove. Whether you’re holding a snow shovel or your cell phone, the gel grips help the item stay in place. This pair of gloves has kept me from dropping my phone several times!


Though I never dropped my phone when using these gloves, however, something bad did happen — I lost them! I’m pretty sure they fell out of my coat pockets (note to self, buy a coat with zipper pockets), but I immediately jumped on Amazon to purchase another pair of these OZERO Women’s Touch Screen Gloves.

I even bought a backup pair. I’m pretty careless about gloves and hats and such, so the backup pair was a must.

Recently, I began exercising outside, going for brisk walks and jogs. The temps have been in the 20s and 30s where I live, so these gloves have not only kept the warmth inside thanks to the elastic cuff grip, but they don’t feel heavy when I’m moving around.

The gloves are pretty water-resistant, too — I’ve felt comfy in them during walks in light rain. Granted, I’ve never fully submerged them in water to test the resistance, but I’d bet highly on them.


I’m not paid by OZERO to promote these gloves  — I’m simply letting people know about a product that’s totally worth the “add to cart” click. The gloves have an average 4.1 stars out of a 5-star rating on Amazon, with more than 900 reviews.

I should mention, too, that I’m plus-sized, so I have big fingers. The OZERO Women’s Touch Screen Gloves come in various sizes; I went for the XL and they’re still not bulky. I actually think they make my hands look slimmer.

If you don’t mind a bulkier look, OZERO also sells Winter Gloves it says are made with Deerskin Suede Leather. They’re priced at $19.99 on Amazon (regularly $29.99) and come in various colors, whereas the Women’s Glove does not.

Stay warm!

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