You can now buy a Whoville ceramic village from ‘The Grinch’ on Amazon


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No one has more Christmas spirit than the Whos. Even when the Grinch stole their presents, stripped their trees and cleaned out every crumb in their houses, leaving just one speck of food that was even too small for a mouse, nothing could stop the Whos from coming together and celebrating the holidays with love and joy in their hearts.

If you want to be sure that your home is full of shouts of “Dahoo-Dores” rather than “Bah Humbug,” then you need to scoop up some (or all) of this ceramic Whoville village. Available on Amazon, these Who-Ville houses are made from the holiday decor experts at Department 56.

Grinch Villages Cindy Lou Who’s House

For starters, you’re going to need little Cindy Lou’s adorable house. At 7-and-a-half inches, this brightly-hued house is the perfect replica of Who architecture. Based on the ladder propped against the house and the green sacks on the roof and ground, it looks like the Grinch is visiting right now! Cindy Lou’s house is $59.03 on Amazon.

Grinch La Boutique Beauty Parlor Village Lit Building, Multicolor

And no village (ceramic or otherwise) would be complete without a hair salon! The Whos need a lot of assistance to keep their hairstyles so fresh and fashion-forward. This Who beauty parlor for $83.95 is 6.75 inches tall and even lights up.

Grinch Ville Ornament Shop Village Lit Building, Multicolor

Of course the Whos have an ornament shop in Whoville. Where else could the Whos buy ornaments for their signature curved-top Christmas trees? This colorful 6.75-inch store is round like a Christmas ornament, lights up and has a decorated tree outside. The ornament shop is $84 on Amazon.

Grinch Villages Mount Crumpet Lit House, 8.5 inch

No Grinch scene would be complete without the man himself. Department 56 also has a porcelain hand-painted Mount Crumpet, which the Grinch and Max call home. Grinch and his faithful dog are posed outside their house in all their glory, with the Grinch in his Santa suit and Max in his reindeer antlers. This 8.5-inch tall piece lights up as well. Mount Crumpet is $69.44 on Amazon.

If these adorable Department 56 Who houses don’t make your heart grow three sizes, then you need to make an appointment with the Grinch’s cardiologist!

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