Where to find the viral Starbucks ‘Bearista’ cup

Starbucks Bearista cup

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Have you seen the new Starbucks Bearista cups that are all over TikTok? The adorable tumbler is molded in the shape of a bear that is wearing a little green Starbucks beanie and has the Starbucks logo where his belly button would be. (And yes, bears are mammals, so they do have belly buttons β€” but reality isn’t necessarily a concern here, because bears don’t wear beanies.)

The glass tumbler comes with a green-and-white striped straw and a green lid (the beanie!), making it ideal for taking on the go. Designed for sipping cold drinks, this Bearista mug is so un-“bear”-ably cute, you need it for all your iced-coffee sipping.


The tumbler first started becoming TikTok famous when an American living in South Korea shared her amazement at finding the adorable cup in her local Starbucks. Watch below as TikToker @xiaramar7 shares the find on her account:


Replying to @𝐀𝐬𝐑π₯𝐞𝐲.𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐒𝐞 β€’ currently living in South Korea and did not know that soecific cups are sold/available in specific countries. #starbucksbear #daegu #starbucks #southkorealiving #coffee

♬ original sound – Xiara Mar Franco

OK, now that you officially really, really want this Bearista cup, it’s time to face facts. It appears to be available only in South KoreaΒ thus far. We know, we know. But, do not panic.

That is because online shopping exists, and you can now find Bearista mugs on resale sites like eBay or Etsy. As you begin your search, you’re going to find out two things: First, if you really have to have one, this is going to be the most expensive mug you ever buy. Secondly, Starbucks has been releasing adorable Bearista cups in South Korea and other parts of Asia, such as the Philippines, for years!


Yes, there are previous Bearistas from years gone by that you can now buy online from resellers. Once you get over your jealousy, that is, because why don’t we have these cups here in the States!?

We have been drinking our coffee out of mugs that are not shaped like bears while everyone in Asia has been drinking out of Bearistas? Make it make sense!

From bearistas wearing sombreros or furry cat headgear to bearista keychains, you could go broke trying to catch up with all the “beary” cool swag Starbucks lovers in Asian countries get to enjoy.

Right now, demand is high for the 2023 Winter Bearista. It’s out of stock with some sellers on eBay, but you can still find listings that have some available for $88 and up. You can also get other versions, like the siren/mermaid from the Philippines or a bear wearing a summer hat from Korea in 2022.

Thanks to the viral demand, though, we imagine that even more enterprising people in South Korea will be cleverly scooping these up in their local stores and reselling them online.

Bearista alternative

If you can’t get your hands on the Bearista, we’ve got you covered. We went looking for cup alternatives and found one that captures the style and essence of the original .

Dreamfocus Bear Water Bottle


$20 for 32 ounce at Amazon $22 for 45 ounce at Amazon

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