Wendy’s Is Bringing Back Its 50-Cent Frosty Deal Just In Time For Summer

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It’s definitely nice to cool off with a sweet treat in the summer — and Wendy’s Frosty has always been about chilling out. Now, Wendy’s is bringing back its 50-cent Frosty promotion just in time for temperatures to rise.

On May 6, the fast-food chain took to Instagram to announce that for a limited time, it would be selling small cups of its iconic ice cream product for just 50 cents.

“A 50-cent Small Frosty is almost like highway robbery, but we’ll let you get away it [sic],” the company posted alongside a short animation of the dessert being unveiled from inside a bag labeled “50¢”:

“The 50¢ Frosty offer is a certified fan favorite and we couldn’t think of a better way to help our customers kick-off the summer,”  Kurt Kane, Wendy’s executive vice president, chief concept and marketing officer, said in a press release. “Everyone has their favorite way to enjoy our classic treat and really the only way you can go wrong is by not getting to Wendy’s today to take advantage of this amazing deal before it’s gone.”

The Frosty comes in chocolate and vanilla flavors, and there are those who believe that dipping your fries into it makes for the absolute best combination in the food world. This deal ends on June 9, so if you’re not convinced, you have a few weeks to try the idea out at a lower price point!


The Frosty is one of the chain’s five original menu items from 1969, along with hamburgers, chili, french fries and soft drinks. Its consistency lies somewhere between soft serve and a milkshake, and the treats are kept between 19 and 21 degrees Fahrenheit to retain their unique thickness. Wendy’s reported that earlier in the decade, it annually served about 300 million Frostys a year.

If you’re watching your waistline, the Frosty is not a bad dessert option — at least compared to other fast food frozen treats. While a large Frosty is about 590 calories, a large chocolate shake at Sonic is more than double that at about 1330 calories.

This great deal will take you back to childhood, so go to Wendy’s and get yourself a 50-cent Frosty today!




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