Weight Watchers deal: No starter fee through March 12

Weight Watchers

If you’ve been wanting to give Weight Watchers a shot, now’s your chance.

When you sign up before March 12, you’ll get the $20 starter fee waived!

Plus, if you join before Jan. 8 and you lose at least 10 pounds within your first two months, you’ll get a refund for up to two months’ worth of fees!

Subscription prices vary depending on where you live and which option you choose, but they range from $3.99 a week to $10.77 per week. You can choose an online program, a program that includes in-person meetings or one with coaching.

They also offer discounts if you subscribe for longer periods of time—six months is cheaper than one month.

Head over to the Weight Watchers website to see if there’s a plan that fits your lifestyle while this sale is going on!