We tested this well-reviewed collapsible water bottle from Amazon — here’s our take

Mandy Gambrell

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There’s a water bottle being sold on Amazon that collapses and expands in an accordion-like fashion, and it reminds me of the discontinued Burple drink mix packaging.

This lightweight, foldable sports bottle costs $16.99 and has great reviews on Amazon — 4.3 out of 5 stars, with 200 user reviews. So I decided to check it out and see if it’s as good as everyone says.

It’s definitely cool: The gray Collapsible Foldable Water Bottle from Style4U kept getting noticed by my friends when I brought it to our swim club for the first time. It has a unique look and people can tell it is made of silicone, so they immediately want to touch it and make it bend.

When it’s collapsed, it’s tiny. It comes in small packaging, too — about the size of a square box of tissues.

Mandy Gambrell

Here it is alongside an actual box of tissues so you can observe the true-life scaling.

Mandy Gambrell

When it’s expanded fully, it holds up to 19 ounces of a beverage. But take heed of a warning from many of the reviewers: only put water in it. The silicone has a tendency to hold on to the smell of whatever drink you have inside.

It’s true — I tested this out by filling it with beer. And it did still smell like beer after I washed it. The smell was faint, though, and a couple more washings got rid of the smell.

What makes this bottle fun is its squishiness. When it isn’t full, you can squeeze it and bend it — and it goes back to its regular form.

Mandy Gambrell

It’s easy to clean because the cap is removable — I was able to wash it with my dish soap wand and it fit inside just fine.

Mandy Gambrell

The Amazon product page says this bottle may also serve as a stress reliever.

“Twisted or Rollable to relieve frustration and perform hand strengthening exercises,” the product description reads.

You would want to do that when the bottle is empty — the bottle isn’t bendable with liquid inside.

As far as being rollable … that might be possible if you have detached the free carabiner and wrist lanyard that came with the bottle.

Mandy Gambrell

I can see why athletes and hikers in particular like this bottle: When it’s folded, it takes up very little space and is quite light. The carabiner is a good size so it’s easy to attach to any bag.

Mandy Gambrell

The water bottle is fun to bend. My 8-year-old niece also enjoyed playing with it — and she was eager to drink the water inside in order to get the maximum effect, which made her mom happy.

Mandy Gambrell
Ceci, age 8

Bending the bottle can feel pretty satisfying!

Mandy Gambrell

My only complaint about the bottle is that it sweats — my hands got pretty wet while using it. But that didn’t really bother me much, especially because it’s leakproof when the lid is on and the cap is sealed.

The Collapsible Foldable Water Bottle is durable, and that is its key feature. It’s also BPA-free and approved by the FDA.

The bottle comes in gray, blue and pink. After testing it, that 4.3 average rating seems completely accurate to me.

Buy it on Amazon, $16.99.

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