Walt Disney World Is Raising Ticket Prices On Its Busiest Days

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During certain busy times at Walt Disney World, it looks like you’re going to have to cough up even more money just to enter one of its parks!

On the heels of a price hike last fall, Disney World has once again raised prices on strategic dates, starting March 12. If you want to visit the Orlando theme park mecca on certain days this spring break, or around the holidays at the end of the year, you’re going to pay $139 or more for a day’s worth of Disney magic.

Disney Parks have long tied their daily ticket prices to demand. Until October 2018, guests paid anywhere from $109-$129 for admission. Now the limits are a bit higher. You’ll still pay $109 for lower-attendance days when school’s in session, but any other day you’re going to have to resign yourself to additional costs — anywhere from $109-$159 — depending on when you want to go.

On Saturdays in March and select weeks throughout April, you’ll shell out $139 for the privilege of visiting “The Most Magical Place on Earth.” That price returns for Saturdays in October, November and December as well as Thanksgiving week. The period of Christmas to New Year’s Eve will set you back $159 per day.

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Of course, there are ways you can get deals on Disney World admission. For one thing, don’t plan on just buying a one-day ticket. If you can swing it, the five-day tickets are a much better deal per day.

Also, if you can spend multiple days at the park and maybe even return at a different time of year, the annual Platinum Pass may be worth it for you. Also, adding the Park Hopper Plus option may help you save money if you want to visit multiple Disney World parks in a single day.

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If you are a Florida resident or in the military, you may qualify for additional discounts. And you’ll want to check with AAA, your corporate employers or your hotel, too, for other discounts. If you go through wholesalers or third-party ticket sellers, make sure you understand all the conditions under which the tickets may be used.

Despite the price hike, Walt Disney World will probably still be crowded on those busy days. If you’re making a plan, check your dates!

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