Walmart Offers Free Two-Day Shipping On Orders Over $35

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Can’t get enough of Walmart’s low prices? You’ll be able to save even more now that the company offers free two-day shipping on orders over $35.

It’s super simple to get free shipping from Walmart, too. There are no fees and you don’t have to join a membership program to qualify.

According to Business Insider, Walmart is also getting rid of ShippingPass, a program that offered shoppers two-day shipping for $49 per year. With the rollout of free shipping, Walmart said it plans to refund the ShippingPass membership fee to customers currently enrolled in the program.

“We upped the ante here and decided not to charge people for it,” Marc Lore, chief executive officer for Walmart US e-commerce, told reporters in January.

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Though you’ll have to spend at least $35 on Walmart items to get free shipping, there’s no minimum spending requirement for free two-day shipping to Walmart stores.

The best part? Walmart executives say they won’t be raising prices to pay for the new service, which is available on more than two million items.

“It won’t affect our pricing at all,” Lore told reporters, according to Business Insider. “In fact, we are looking to get even more aggressive on the pricing side.”

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Walmart’s latest move clearly piqued the interest of the folks over at Amazon, who responded by lowering their free shipping minimum purchase amount to mirror Walmart’s. Now, instead of having to spend $49 to qualify for free shipping from Amazon, you only have to spend $35. According to CNN Money, Amazon items will be delivered five to eight days after they’re available for shipping.

Of course, if you want your Amazon stuff delivered in just two days, you’ll still have to sign up for Amazon Prime and pay $99 per year. With Amazon Prime, you get two-day shipping on all Prime-eligible goods regardless of the order minimum.

Competition is clearly good for those of us who prefer to order from the couch. Plus, Walmart says it has more tricks up its sleeve in the e-commerce department.

“Two-day free shipping is the first of many moves we will be making to enhance the customer experience and accelerate growth,” Walmart’s Lore said in a statement posted on the company’s website.