Forget pricey voice lessons—this free phone app can teach you how to sing


Do you sing with gusto in the shower, but cower when faced with the karaoke machine? Do you wish your voice sounded more like your favorite pop star’s? Do you watch movie musicals and wish you could regularly break out into song in real life? If you’ve thought about taking professional singing lessons, which can set you back as much as $75 per hour in some areas, there’s actually a cheaper and simpler way.

Enter Vanido, a free app available for iOS users that teaches you how to train your voice.


How Can An App Teach Me To Sing?

First, you provide the app with a singing sample so it can determine what your range is. Tenor? Mezzo-soprano? Contralto? These terms take into account voice characteristics such as range (the notes your body can produce), weight (light or heavy voices) and timbre (unique voice quality and texture).

Once the app has your range down, it will provide you with three voice exercises per day. After listening to the notes the app plays, sing into your phone’s microphone. Vanido will give you real-time feedback on the screen to show if you’re hitting the right notes. If you’ve ever played the video game Guitar Hero, the experience is similar. No boos from the crowd if you don’t quite nail it, though. Vandio grades your performance on a three-star scale, so you can track how you’re doing.

The app has even more fun and useful features on the way. “We are planning to add real voice samples, more guidance on technique, and breathing warmups in the coming updates,” Vanido’s creator told Lifehacker.

Whether you want to impress your friends at karaoke, or make it big as the next pop sensation, Vanido is a fun and free way to help get you there.

Unfortunately, the app is not yet available for Android users, but you can sign up on their site to receive an email alert when it is.

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