Vimeo Needs A Work-From-Home Community Support Rep (California Or Oregon Only)

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There are some companies that you dream of working for, and if you’re into art, film and self-expression, Vimeo is definitely that type of company. And when said dream workplace allows you to work from home, at a coffee shop or really wherever you can get set up with Wi-Fi, well, that’s even better, isn’t it?

This job position, in particular, isn’t through Vimeo, YouTube’s competitor, but it does allow you to be part of the Vimeo team. You see, The Yeomen is a tech service company that manages support teams for various companies, and one of those happens to be Vimeo.

The Yeomen is looking for a community manager to join its Vimeo support staff team. According to the job description, you’ll answer support questions by email, resolve video playback issues, educate uses of privacy settings, just to name a few responsibilities.

In order to be considered for the job, you must either live in California or Oregon, as that’s where most of the companies The Yeomen works with are based. But, you can still do this job from the comfort of your couch. No going into the office everyday for you!

The role comes along with a competitive salary, options for health, dental and vision insurance, a 401(K) and even a brand new MacBook loaded with all the software you need to make your work environment that much better.

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If this sounds like the perfect set-up for you, then you can view the job description in full and apply here.

And if you’re really into the idea of working for Vimeo, you can view their open positions on their website. They’re hiring everything from an Executive Administrative Assistant to a UX/Motion Designer. So, no matter your skill set, there could be a job at Vimeo, just waiting for you to apply. (Note: Most of these jobs are based in New York City.)

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