This map shows the real value of $100 in every state

How does your state stack up?

We often think of how strong the dollar is when we’re traveling internationally. But, have you ever paused to think how strong your dollar is when you’re traveling domestically?

For example, a crisp $100 bill will get you a lot further in Alabama. Here, your $100 bill is actually worth about $115.21, according to an analysis done by the Tax Foundation. So, go ahead and book that vacation to Gulf Shores or mark Mardi Gras on your calendar because Mobile does it big.

But take that same Benjamin to Hawaii, though, and it’s only worth $84.18. That’s a whopping $31.03 less than it’s worth in Alabama.

The Tax Foundation, which is a Washington, D.C.-based think tank that studies U.S. tax policies on the federal and state levels, put together a map to show the real value of $100 in each state. The think tank used data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis for its report, which shows that goods in states like Missouri and Ohio are much cheaper than they are in New York or California.

The only states where $100 is truly worth $100 are Oregon ($100.81), Florida ($100.50) and Illinois ($100.30).

The research found that your $100 will stretch the furthest in Mississippi ($116.01), Alabama ($115.21), Arkansas ($114.42), South Dakota ($113.38) and Kentucky ($112.87)

As for the states where you’ll get the least bang for your buck? Hawaii tops this list, because your $100 is only worth $84.18. Other places where $100 is worth the least include the District of Columbia ($85.47), New York ($86.73), New Jersey ($88.18) and California ($88.18).

Curious how your state stacks up? Take a look at the full list below!

Here’s a comprehensive map with values across the US:

Tax Foundation



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District of Columbia:


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