Unauthorized Package Delivered To Your Home? It Could Be A Scam

Watch out for this new scam.

Scammers will often recruit “reshipping mules,” people who have been recruited under the guise of “work-from-home” opportunities. Which is another scam entirely.

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Getty Images | Joe Raedle

How Can You Protect Yourself From This Scam?

Sign up for text alerts for your bank account. Most banks have some sort of system in place so you can be alerted if any purchases are made over a set amount. If you receive a text about a suspicious purchase, call your bank (using the number listed on the back of your bank card), or report it online. By reporting the fraudulent charges, you’re not only alerting the banks of this scam, but you’re likely to not fall victim to it.

PNC bank also shared that you should make photocopies or take photos of return shipping information as proof of the scam for the merchant who is also impacted. Another suggestion is to report the scam to your local law enforcement.

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All of this is also a good reminder to make sure that you’re constantly on alert when it comes to the activity on your credit card.

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