Get Paid To Travel Around The Country And Drink Wine This Summer

Union Wine Company

You’re going to want to dust off the old resume for this job.

If your ideal career is getting paid to drink wine and travel, keep reading.

A company called Union Wine is looking for an “adventurous, outgoing and adaptable” person to spend the summer with them. This person also must have “an appreciation for wine” (where do we sign up??).

They say they plan to hit the open road this summer in a 1972 Citroën mobile wine bar to visit music festivals, store openings and outdoor events. They’re traveling all over the United States—”from Oregon to the East Coast and back.”

Union Wine Company

If you get the job, you’ll be part of their road trip events team. You’ll help them promote Oregon wines as a “Canbassador,” which is a play on their Underwood Wine in a Can product.

Union Wines launched in 2005 and is big on disrupting the norms of the wine industry. They say they “embrace the artistry of making great wine, minus all the fuss. Their wine-in-a-can product is meant to be enjoyed anywhere, from tailgates to hiking trips.

Here’s what they’re looking for:

  • Someone 21 or older
  • Ability to drive large vehicles, with trailer
  • Ability to operate a manual transmission vehicle
  • Flexible schedule/ability to be on the road for extended periods
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds repeatedly
  • Have or can pass USDOT Physical Certification
  • Ability to communicate effectively through email, phone, and interpersonally

They also say attention to detail is a must and that you must be able to solve problems on the fly.

They’re looking for people with this kind of experience and qualifications:

  • Outgoing, enjoys meeting new people and seeing new places
  • Comfortable living on the road (i.e. sleeping in alternative spots, strange hours, minimal amenities)
  • Can capably drive large vehicles, with trailers, long distances, in urban environments, in adverse weather conditions
  • Good navigation skills
  • Organized, process oriented, and has a high attention to detail
  • Manages time efficiently and effectively
  • Can work a flexible schedule (i.e. extended periods away from home, long hours, multiple days on)
  • High proficiency/aptitude for social media, photography, and design
  • Good attitude and an appreciation for wine
  • Can adapt and grow with the company, thinking outside the “bottle” (get it?)

Of course, it’s not all about drinking wine, 24/7. Union Wine pointed out that being away from home for extended periods of time can be difficult, and the job requires long hours. But hey, they also said pay is commensurate with experience and you’ll receive paid time off, health insurance and a 401(k) with an employer match.

If this sounds like the job for you, you’ll want to act fast. They’re asking applicants to email a cover letter and resume to by May 7.


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