Trader Joe’s is selling expensive flowers at deep discounts


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If you haven’t noticed the floral section at your local Trader Joe’s, you might want to take a look next time you head out for a shopping trip.

Not only does the grocery chain have a variety of bouquets, but they are offered much cheaper than you’ll find at some other retailers and definitely cheaper than at a flower shop.

The store lists a handful of floral arrangements on its website, ranging from daffodils to fresh eucalyptus. Prices range from just $1.99 for 10 daffodil stems to $12.99 for a seasonal bouquet that Trader Joe’s says will have at least 18 stems.

The 10 daffodil stems are only available for four to five weeks in the spring, so you’ll want to get there soon while they’re still in stock. The low price makes them just 19 cents each, and 10 stems are more than enough to fill a vase for a pretty burst of color in your home.

Trader Joe's

The 18-stem seasonal bouquet’s price of $12.99 makes each stem just $1.38, which is far cheaper than bouquets you may find elsewhere. A similar bouquet is priced at $44.99 from 1-800-Flowers, while Sam’s Club has one that includes a vase for the same price.

Trader Joe’s says their bouquets are “artfully designed from flowers and greens of the season,” so you will likely find multiple arrangements with various flowers and colors.

Trader Joe's

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Some people have taken to TikTok to share their flower finds, like user @lindsay_brown__, who posted a video showing peony tulips that she says cost less than $10.


These flowers were less than $10 from Trader Joes and I am one happy girl.

♬ original sound – :)

Trader Joe’s website lists them for $8.99, calling them a “customer and crew favorite,” saying their buyer “travels far and wide to wrangle enough peonies to fill our stores every spring.”

While their name suggests the flower is a cross between a peony and a tulip — two different flowers — Better Homes & Gardens says they’re actually just a type of double-flowered tulip, which means they have more petals than regular tulips and therefore look more like peonies.

Have you ever purchased flowers at Trader Joe’s?

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