This Tool Could Help You Save Up To $60 A Year On Your Water Bill


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Just in time for Earth Day, here’s an awesome product that can help you save the environment and some hard-earned cash.

One of the easiest ways to cut back on the amount of water you use at home is to flush less often. This is sorta gross for some people (understandably), so if you’re looking for an alternative solution, consider using the Tank Bank, a totally non-disgusting way to use less water when you flush.

These little blue babies cost less than $5 a piece but they can save you so much more than that over the long term.

“If you have an older, conventional toilet, you are probably using more water than you need to,” according to Tank Bank. “This  Toilet Tank Bank displacement bag will reduce the amount of water in your existing tank by about 0.8 gallons.”

Tank Bank

All you have to do is fill the Tank Bank with water, close its valve to prevent evaporation and hang the bag inside your toilet tank with an accompanying hook.

Older toilets can use between 3 and 5 gallons of water with each flush. By some estimates, these older toilets can cost you between $54.75 a year and $91.25 a year (assuming you flush the toilet five times a day).

Even newer low-flow toilets still use 1.6 gallons of water per flush, which equates to about $29.20 per year.

How To Save Money (And Water) With Tank Bank

With a Tank Bank (or two) inside your toilet tank, you can reduce the amount of water you use in an older toilet. Over a year, you could save between $15 and $30, depending on how many gallons your toilet currently uses. If you install a Tank Bank or two on multiple toilets, you could be looking at even more savings.

If you installed two Tank Banks on two 5-gallon toilets, you would see a savings of $60 per year.

That may not seem like a lot, but coupled with other utility-savings methods, it could add up quickly!

Rebates For Low-Flow Toilets

If Tank Banks aren’t your jam, many communities offer rebates if you purchase and install a low-flow toilet. Simple search your city or county name with the words “toilet rebate” and you’ll likely find rebates up to $150.

In Denver, for example, you can get a $150 rebate for installing a 1.1-gallon toilet in your home, and they’ll let you install up to three!

You could also consider add a few pebbles to the bottom of a water bottle or milk jug (depending on the size of your tank) for a free way to use less water when you flush.

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