This Tool Can Get You Cheaper Flights By Checking Prices 17,000 Times A Day

One of the most frustrating parts about planning a trip is booking a flight, only to see the price get lowered after you’ve already booked. Now, a new tool is hoping to get you a partial refund if that happens to you. How? By using legal loopholes to check flight prices 17,000 times per day.

DoNotPay’s newest travel feature works by finding travel confirmations from past bookings in your inbox. If the price drops, their “robot lawyer” will use a legal loophole to either find a cheaper price or re-book your flight. Not only is the service completely free, but it also offers additional protection, like fighting an airline on your behalf if your luggage is lost or if you’re unhappy with your flight.

There are no fees to use the service and you get to keep all of the money you save. To sign up, just click here. DoNotPay says it only takes about 30 seconds to register.

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While this service is new, DoNotPay has previously helped overturn parking tickets for users and also works in other areas of the law, like divorce or disputes with landlords.

“In the U.S. (unlike Europe, unfortunately), there are about 70 different loopholes that will make even the most nonrefundable ticket refundable,” Josh Browder, DoNotPay’s founder, told Business Insider. “For example, if bad weather is predicted for your flight, the schedule changes, the airline’s contract with you required them to open it up. Similarly, every single flight can be refunded before 24 hours [after it’s booked]. Since airline prices change so often, it’s highly unlikely you got in at the bottom, so when it drops, it automatically applies one of these many rules to your ticket and switches you to the cheaper ticket in the same fare class.”

DoNotPay says they have already claimed millions of dollars without charging a cent to the people who use their system.

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There are a few other tools that also work to get money back for you when it comes to travel. If you book a hotel room through Tingo.com, for example, they’ll monitor the room and re-book it for you if the price drops. The same goes for AutoSlash, if the price of your rental car drops.

What do you think of these money-saving tools? Have you ever booked a flight only to have the price drop soon after?

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