Tired of giving people boring gift cards? Now you can completely personalize them


Knowing exactly what to get every person on your list can be tricky, but a gift card can sometimes feel a little too impersonal. That’s where the GiftNow service comes in handy.

This allows you to send a gift card that’s tied to a specific item. So, the person receiving the GiftNow will see that you’ve already selected an item that you’ll think they’ll love. They can then pick the size and color they’d like and have the item shipped right to their door. But, just in case you misjudged, they can also choose to get an entirely different item for the same or lesser value.

Basically, this will show that you put some thought into what to get for them, but also skips the return process in case they don’t absolutely love what you’ve picked. Or, you know, in case they’ve all ready been given one too many sweaters this holiday season.

Stores such as Macy’s, Athleta, Target, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue are allowing you to send GiftNow presents virtually this season. Athleta also has a cool feature where if you’d prefer to send a physical GiftNow card, you can by shopping in-store, according to CNBC.

Visit the GiftNow website to shop from the different stores online. We’re pretty sure you’ll be impressed with all of the options available for gifting!

Plush Bath Robe

For example, these comfy robes are available through GiftNow at Macy’s. So, get this for the friend who could use a little extra bit of relaxation once the holiday festivities have come to an end.


Eye Shadow Palette

You can also choose a beauty item you think she’ll love through Neiman Marcus, like this Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow Palette. If she’s not crazy about the shades, she can always pick out an item for herself, instead.

Neiman Marcus

Kids’ Sweatshirt

Purchasing for children can be tricky considering how quickly they outgrown things. Select something you think is adorable, and let their mom choose the size and color or get something they’ll wear all of the time. Easy as that! You can find cute sweatshirt options at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Saks Fifth Avenue

Men’s Jacket

Want to get the guy in your life something besides socks and underwear (which they always seem to need!). You can try to find something that fits his style by shopping through American Giant.

American Giant


Giving the perfect hostess present can be tricky. But, thanks to GiftNow, you can nail it this season. If they’re not crazy about this Ralph Lauren candle scent, for example, they can choose something else for lesser or equal value. Sure beats bringing a bottle of wine, huh?

Ralph Lauren

Your holiday shopping is about to be so much easier! You’ll feel like a regular old Santa when you do your part to make sure everyone gets something they truly want this season.

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