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If you’re considering downsizing your home β€” and we mean really downsizing β€” Amazon is selling a tiny home that has gone viral on the internet, along with numerous other small-living options for those who want to get in on the trend.

Priced at $9,500, the smallest version of the Zolyndo Portable Prefabricated Tiny Home measures 13 by 20 feet. You can choose from four different sizes; the largest is 19 by 20 feet. This is one of several tiny homes that has become popular on social media, and it’s both easy to assemble and looks very nice once it’s set up.

The house includes two bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom and a kitchen. Made with a steel frame and flame-retardant foam wallboard, it is waterproof and thermally insulated, plus wind- and earthquake-resistant.

It also comes with multiple windows and is fully equipped with electrical wiring. While you’ll need to provide furniture and appliances like a refrigerator yourself, it does come with a toilet and shower fixtures.

tiny house

$9,500 at Amazon

The home is currently priced at $9,500, but this seems to fluctuate quite a bit. According to the price-tracking browser extension Paypal Honey, the product started 2024 at almost $21,000 but was available for as little as $1,585 on Feb. 22.

The home has been selling quickly, however, with just two left in stock now. You’ll want to add it to your cart as quickly as possible in case it sells out or the price changes.

tiny house interior

Tiny homes can work well for a small family or as additional space for an office or workout area. They can also be set up in the backyard of a larger home and used as a “granny pod,” which lets aging parents live with their adult children while still maintaining their own independence.

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But in one of the viral videos from TikTok account @minihomemonster, a group purchased the Zolyndo tiny house as part of a project to see if they could live solely off Amazon purchases, and it arrived in an actual cardboard Amazon box.

In the video, they unfold the house like a puzzle, saying it’s “so easy to build” even though it didn’t include instructions. It seemed to go together quite quickly and there was no need for tools.


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Once they were settled in and truly made the house a home, they uploaded a second video that gives a much better view of what the inside will look like once it’s furnished and decorated.

While the account does not say how much they paid for the home, news outlet BNN says the crew purchased the 16.5-by-20-foot version. All sizes seem to be similar in appearance; the only differences seem to be the actual dimensions.


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If you weren’t able to grab this tiny home before it went out of stock, Amazon has a handful of others to choose from as well.

You’ll also find tiny home kits from other retailers, like Home Depot. The home improvement retailer is currently selling a kit that even includes a spiral staircase for less than $45,000.

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