This ‘tickle me’ plant actually moves when you touch it

Tickle-me plant

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If you are looking for a gift that will likely amuse just about anyone, you may want to check out the “tickle me” plant. It’s pretty, affordable and can be grown as a houseplant or outdoors. Plus, it responds to touch in the cutest way.

This shrubby little perennial plant’s botanical name is Mimosa pudica, but it also goes by nicknames like the sensitive plant, humble plant or touch-me-not. Whatever name you decide to use, you are sure to call it fun and adorable.

What is a Tickle Me Plant?

The tickle me plant is a member of the pea family. Native to South and Central America, it will rapidly close its leaves and droop when touched. It is spiny with lots of leaves and attractive pink or mauve flower puffs. They require minimal care and can grow to about one foot in height.


But you don’t have to worry about its response to being touched. The leaves will perk up and reopen after several minutes. Scientists believe the tickle me plant adapted its response to startle herbivores that might want to eat it. Its leaves also droop in darkness and reopen with daylight.

Tickle Me Plant Gifts

Tickle Me Plant Gift Box Set

$22.95 at Amazon

A company called the TickleMe Plant Store sells a Mother’s Day gift box set on Amazon. It isn’t a live plant. Instead, it contains everything required to grow the plant from seeds.

The item comes in a gift box with a label that says, “I’m tickled you’re my mom!” (get it?). Inside the pink box is a package of 10-20 tickle me plant (Mimosa pudica) seeds, a flowerpot, an expanding soil wafer and basic growing instructions.

Customers love how easy the plants are to grow and the enjoyment of experiencing them with the whole family.

“Bought for my mom for Mother’s Day and it arrived early. My mom planted less than half the seeds and now has multiple large plants from them! I couldn’t believe how fast they sprouted and how quickly they started ‘reacting’ to touch,” one reviewer shared.

“The plants grew very easily and quickly and after a couple of months have gotten quite large. Our 3-year-old loves touching them to watch them close,” wrote another.

If you want to keep things simple, you’ll also find plenty of options for buying tickle me plants and seeds on Etsy, such as at Etsy shop Grandma Seeds and Gifts, which sells a 30-pack of sensitive-plant seeds for $4.65. You can also find small plants to ship, such as this 3-inch sensitive plant from wintergreenhouse.

Other Tickle Me Plant Gifts On Amazon


$14.95 at Amazon

The brand also carries several other tickle me plant gift box sets in its Amazon store, including a “Get Well” box, a “Birthday” box and a “Teacher Appreciation” gift box set. You can even get them inside a science kit or labeled as “zombie plants” — you know, because they “play dead.” They even make great party favors.

Who do you know that would love this gift? If you’re ready to buy, shop tickle me plant gift sets on Amazon.

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