This Woman Won A Free Car After A 50-Hour Car-Kissing Marathon

This is kind of nuts—but someone DID get a free car out of the deal.

96.7 KissFM

OK, we get it. Cars are expensive, especially new cars.

But how far would you go for a chance at a free car?

In what is possibly the greatest promotional stunt ever, a Texas radio station hosted the “Kiss A Kia” competition this week. In order to win the contest, participants had to kiss a car for 50 straight hours. Yes, kiss, with their lips.

Sure, they were given a 10-minute break every hour. But they literally had to kneel, bend at the waist or squat for 50 hours straight (with no sleep breaks), all while keeping their lips pressed to a car.

A 30-year-old woman named Dilini Jayasuriya ultimately won the contest. There were seven people who finished the contest, but Jayasuriya’s name was drawn out of the remaining contestants for the car.

“I want to go to the beach, babe,” Jayasuriya reportedly said to her husband after she won according to the San Antonio News-Express.

She got to walk away with a new Kia Optima.

Some 20 people started the contest but many of them left on their own before the 50 hours was up or were disqualified because their lips left the car.

There was a Facebook Live video of the whole contest, because now that April the giraffe has given birth, we all need something else to watch when we get bored at work.

What do you think? Could you kiss a car for 50 hours for a shot at a free one?

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