This Man Had $763,000 Waiting For Him—Here’s How To Find Out If You Have Unclaimed Cash

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What would you do if someone told you $763,000 was suddenly yours?

You’d probably think it was a scam.

That’s exactly what happened to a South Carolina man who recently claimed $763,000 from the state treasurer’s office. The man’s father died more than 15 years ago and had left him the huge chunk of money, but because of some confusion about the man’s name, the money was never sent—it sat around in a lawyer’s office for years.

Eventually, the money made its way to the state treasurer’s office, which tracked down the man (he has chosen to remain anonymous).

Of course, like any of us would, the man initially thought the money was some sort of scam. It took multiple conversations for the South Carolina treasurer to convince the man the money was rightfully his.

“No one on the planet believes that they have money waiting for them,” Curtis Loftis, South Carolina’s state treasurer and the president of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators, told the New York Times.

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Is this huge amount of unclaimed cash the norm for most people? Unfortunately, the answer is no—$763,000 is somewhat of an outlier, though Loftis said he’s looking for the owners of a closed textile mill so he can give them $985,000.

Also worth noting, in 2008 New York gave a man $4 million—so miracles really do happen.

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