This clever hack turns your garden hose into a pressure washer

Watering garden flowers using hose

Being a homeowner means a portion of your time needs to be spent on home maintenance, which can unfortunately eat into precious downtime. But having the right tools for the job can make maintenance tasks considerably shorter and more enjoyable.

Certain items on or around the house clean up quickly with a pressure washer. Siding, windows, fencing, decks, garbage bins and driveways are just a few things that benefit from a good hose-down with a pressure washer.


However, if there’s a way to get the job done with tools you already have on hand, we’re always game. This is why this clever shortcut we found on TikTok stopped us in our tracks.

How To Turn Your Garden Hose Into A Pressure Washer

Take a tip from TikTok creator SuzyQ, whose soapy pressure washer hack wowed viewers.  First, she started with a garden hose that’s been turned off and removed the spray nozzle. Next, she folded roughly two feet of the hose from the spray end to kink it. She pointed the hose upward and poured dish soap straight down into it. (By kinking the hose, she controlled how far the soap could flow.) Then she reattached the nozzle, turned the hose on and sprayed her rug until the water ran clear. She let it dry in the sun after being draped over a chair.

Trying this hack could be beneficial if you want to add soapy cleaning power without having to wipe the items down first with soap. However, certain neighborhood drainage systems may ask homeowners not to use any chemicals, as the water might drain directly into nearby rivers and lakes. So before you try this hack check to see if your hose says “rainwater only.”

The Best Power Washer Attachment For Your Garden Hose

Another way to clean set-in grime without purchasing a traditional pressure washer is to use an attachment. The best power washer attachment for garden hoses will allow you to accomplish several tasks. You might wash the car with it, or water the garden on lower settings and then crank up the jet stream pressure to reach under your home’s eaves to clear out cobwebs.


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When purchasing one, make sure it’s compatible with your hose. If you plan to clean areas that are fairly high, like second-story windows, having an extendable wand may be helpful. Pay attention to the variety of attachments that come along with it as some might feature different spray tips.

One thing to note whenever you pressure wash, is to always check the instruction manual or proceed with caution if further information is unavailable. Certain surfaces won’t be able to handle the force of the water. The last thing you want to do is cause damage, such as producing a hole in vinyl siding, chipping paint or splintering wood. To be cautious, use lower pressure to start and then increase slowly.

Does deep cleaning leave you feeling satisfied? If so, where will you start? The patio furniture or the window screens?

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