8 Items You Should Always Buy At Dollar Tree

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Going on a trip to a dollar store is always fun, but it’s easy to load up your basket and wonder “Am I really getting a bargain on this stuff?”

It can feel weird buying name-brand foods or other home goods from somewhere like Dollar Tree because you might feel like it’s lesser quality or somehow a damaged good. When headed to a dollar store, it’s helpful to do your research in advance, so you know what to buy from your shopping list and what you’re better off getting somewhere else.

Here are eight items that are always a good idea to get at Dollar Tree — they’ll save you a good deal of money!

1. Party Supplies

If you’re throwing a party, Dollar Tree is the perfect place to load up on cups, plates, party hats and even decorations. For an idea of the savings you can get, wrapping paper at Dollar Tree is just $1 for 10 sq ft of metallic foil wrapping paper, while Walmart offers a 25 sq ft roll for $7.95. Buy three rolls from Dollar Tree and you’ve already got more wrapping paper for less than half the price of Walmart.

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2. Greeting Cards

Greeting cards at gift shops and regular grocery stores usually go for about $2-4, which makes the $1 greeting cards at Dollar Tree a great deal. Stock up on a bunch of birthday and Christmas cards, and you’ll end up saving on cards year-round.

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3. Bread

Dollar Tree often sells name-brand loafs of bread for just $1, including brands such as Marie Callender’s, Golden Home, Oroweat, Thomas’ and more. These items may be closer to expiration, but you can always refrigerate them or freeze them to make them last longer.

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4. Spices

You can get your fair share of spices at Dollar Tree for just $1, including garlic powder, paprika, cayenne pepper and more. For comparison, one 2.12 oz of paprika at Walmart costs $2.68. 

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5. Books

Skip the bookstore and look for some reading material at Dollar Tree. Whether it’s a Disney story book, a popular romance by Nicholas Sparks, or even an adult coloring book, Dollar Tree offers a number of popular books for just $1. 

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6. Cleaning Supplies

Dollar Tree carries a number of cleaning supplies for cheap, including name brands such as Lysol, Palmolive and more. Two Lysol toilet bowl cleaners costs $2, while Walmart offers a two-pack for $3.54, nearly double the price.

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7. Mugs

Whether you’re looking for stoneware or ceramic mugs, Dollar Tree offers a variety in a number of colors, and of course, they’re just $1. They make great gifts, especially when you personalize your own at home. If you shop somewhere like Target, a set of eight mugs will cost you $17.99. 

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8. First-Aid

It’s good to have first-aid supplies at home, and going to Dollar Tree is a good place to stock up. They offer a number of first-aid items, including bandages, hydrocortisone cream, and hot or cold packs. Any one of these items will cost you just $1, but head to somewhere like Target and you’ll pay almost $3 for bandages and over $3 for hydrocortisone. 

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