These Gorgeous Bee Houses Are Just $14.97 At Costco


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Just last month, the United Nations released a global assessment report that warned that 1 million wildlife species were facing extinction. Among them: thousands of bee species.

This is bad news not only for the bees, but also for us. After all, many of those bees pollinate our trees and other flora, and our crops. Once they die out, it’ll be a lot harder to get those fruits, veggies and other foods upon which we rely. But what can we do about it?

While we’re not about to claim that you can save the world for just under $15, you can help nurture and protect your local bee population with this Native Bee House from Costco.


The product page for the Mason Bee Barn claims that this product, made from solid pine wood and bamboo, attracts only non-stinging native bees that are not aggressive. The description goes on to explain that these native bees are among the most prolific pollinators on the planet and, while they won’t make honey, they will help your garden grow.

And after attracting that initial rush of bees, the barn will continue to provide shelter for next season’s offspring.

Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images

There’s no assembly required for the Bee Barn. All you have to do is hang it up in your backyard, plant native plants and flowers in the area around it and create a moist patch of soil nearby. Further instructions for cleaning and storage are on the Costco’s website.

It will cost $24.97 to have the Bee Barn shipped to your house, but if you pick one up in-store at your local Costco, you can snag it for just $14.97!

Don’t know what to plant in your garden? Try one (or all!) of these plants for a garden that won’t wreak havoc on your allergies. And if you’re eager to learn even more ways to help bees from the comfort of your backyard, we have a few more tricks you can try.

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