These best-selling $7 touchscreen winter gloves have over 2K reviews on Amazon


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Cold temperatures are making their way around the country, so it’s time to break out all your jacket and other winter gear.

A good pair of gloves is essential, and these touchscreen gloves available on Amazon are the answer to your prayers if you can’t bear to have the frosty weather interfere with your texting habit.

These best-selling gloves from Achiou have an average 4.1-star rating from more than 2,000 customers. The fingertips for the thumb, forefinger and middle finger have a silicone triangle pattern that allows you to easily swipe and type from your smartphone without having to take off the gloves. The palm area also has anti-slip material, which is great for gripping the steering wheel, snow blower or your phone.

Plus, they are attractive!



The gloves come in medium, large and extra-large sizes, and in a variety of colors as well, from basic black to the eye-catching rose-red shade shown below. They’re priced between $6.99 and $11.99, depending on size and color.


In addition to offering plenty of dexterity for all your needs, the gloves are apparently super warm while still being breathable. The product description promises that they’re “stretchy and not bulky.” They’re made of high-quality acrylic with an ultra-soft warm wool lining.

“Bought these gloves because I am a college student in Michigan,” wrote customer Clair in her review. “The winters are brutal and I usually talk on the phone while I walk to and from class. On really cold days (which are most days in the winter here) my hands ache while holding my phone as I walk to and from classes on campus.”

She goes on to note that regular mittens don’t work for using her touch screen, and that these gloves are the perfect solution.

“They’re so cute and warm and work on my phone, I am thoroughly happy with my purchase,” she wrote.


Other reviews noted how warm the gloves are, despite their lack of bulk.

“The gloves are extremely comfortable and surprisingly warm considering they aren’t bulky!” Michelle wrote in her review.

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