These 50-Book Collections Are On Sale For Just $50 At Scholastic

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Parents are busy prepping students to go back to school, but teachers have a lot of work to do to prepare for the start of the school year, too. From getting their classrooms in order to purchasing supplies, there’s so much that has to be done! This deal from Scholastic should surely help make sure the bookshelves in teachers’ rooms are stocked, however.

Right now, Scholastic is offering a very special teacher-only deal in which collections of 50 books are on sale for just $50.

This is incredible considering these sets typically retail for $200 to $350.

Savings For Teachers

The collections contain plenty of fun, informational reading material.

According to the product description on the website, “The titles in this value-priced collection are carefully selected to develop content area knowledge, build academic vocabulary, and offer access to authentic trade titles. Add this essential collection to your classroom library and offer your students more opportunities for independent reading practice.”

Just what students need, right? You bet!

There are five different sets to choose from, ranging from books fit for kindergarten through second grade all the way to texts suited for fifth and sixth graders.


Savings For Parents

This is an unbeatable deal for teachers, but not to worry—Scholastic’s offering ways for parents to save, too.

Right now, you can save up to 30 percent on books your kids will love. “Harry Potter” books, Pokemon titles and even puzzle books are available to keep your kids learning, engaged and most importantly—having fun.


Savings for Administrators

Don’t think Scholastic’s forgotten about the administrators, either.

Administrators can save up to 25 percent on texts that will help them better lead teachers and students to success throughout the school year. There are items such as books titled “Interactive Comprehensive Strategies,” reading comprehension kits and more from expert authors and educators to help principals and more plan for success in the 2017-2018 school year.


So, whether you’re a parent, teacher or administrator—Scholastic’s got you covered. Get ready to head back to school in no time with these deals!

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