These 36 Popular Retailers Are Closing Stores In 2017

American Apparel's Board Removes Controversial CEO Dov Charney
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13. The Children’s Place

The Children’s Place is also in the middle of a multi-year plan to turn things around. The company said in 2015 that it planned to close 200 stores through 2017, but recently revised that goal to 300 stores by 2020.

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14. Whole Foods

Don’t panic­—Whole Foods is only closing a tiny fraction of its stores. The natural grocer announced earlier this year that it planned to close nine stores before April, while at the same time opening six new stores. The chain has 440 stores across the country. Though Whole Foods initially planned to expand to 1,200 stores, the company said it’s scrapping that plan for now.

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15. Wet Seal

Wet Seal closed up shop, which means it shuttered all of its 171 stores around the country. The teen retailer closed roughly two-thirds of its stores two years ago when it filed for bankruptcy. In January, a company executive said Wet Seal could not find the funding or the partnership it needed to continue.

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16. Gordmans

The popular discount chain Gordmans filed for bankruptcy this year and closed roughly 48 stores.


17. Vanity

Vanity announced earlier this year that it will shutter all of its 137 stores spread across 27 states. The clothing retailer was a staple in many shopping malls and popular among teens and young women.



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18. Payless Shoesource

Payless closed approximately 400 stores after filing for bankruptcy earlier this year. Then, the company added another 122 stores to that list.

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19. Gap and Banana Republic

The parent company for Gap announced this fall that it planned to close approximately 200 Gap and Banana Republic locations in favor of opening more Old Navy and Athleta locations. There’s no clear word on exactly how many Gaps versus Banana Republics closed out of the 200.

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20. Michael Kors

Unfortunately, Michael Kors announced this year that it plans to shutter 125 brick-and-mortar locations over the next two years.

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21. True Religion

Popular denim retailer True Religion announced plans to close 27 stores this year after filing for bankruptcy.

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22. Teavana

Tea lovers got some sad news this year when Starbucks announced that it would close all 379 Teavana locations because they were underperforming. The closures were planned to be finished by spring 2018.

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23. Gander Mountain

Gander Mountain filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and announced plans to close dozens of stores. Then, the sporting goods and outdoor gear supplies found a new owner, and the list of stores that would close became murkier. It seems that the new owner is still working out the details, but does hope to be able to keep more stores open than initially planned.

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24. J. Crew

J. Crew announced in November that it planned to close 39 brick-and-mortar stores by the end of January 2018.

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25. Bebe

Women’s clothing retailer Bebe announced this spring that it planned to close down all 180 brick-and-mortar stores. It appears that you can still get your Bebe fix online, however.

26. Perfumania

Another shopping mall staple, Perfumania, filed for bankruptcy this year and announced plans to close down 64 locations.

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27. Ann Taylor, Dress Barn, Loft, Lane Bryant, Justice, Maurices and Catherines

The parent company for Ann Taylor, Dress Barn, Loft, Lane Bryant, Justice, Maurices and Catherines announced that it planned to close between 250 and 650 store locations over the next two years.

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28. Aerosoles

The comfy shoe retailer Aerosoles filed for bankruptcy this year and announced plans to close down 74 stores.


29. Guess

Guess announced plans to close some 60 stores in 2017. Another mall staple bites the dust.

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30. BCBG

BCBG closed 118 stores this spring, with closures happening across the country.

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31. Crocs

Crocs makes those rubbery, casual shoes with holes in them that lots of people wear. Well, unfortunately, the retailer announced earlier this year that it planned to close 158 stores. Bummer.

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32. Rue 21

Popular teen clothing retailer Rue 21 closed roughly 400 stores this year in favor of luring customers to its website instead.

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33. Vitamin World

Vitamin World says it wants to close 124 stores and sell off the rest as part of bankruptcy proceedings.

34. Staples

Office supply chain Staples closed 70 stores in North America this year. Don’t worry, however, there are still more than 1,000 Staples in operation.

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35. GameStop

Due to increased competition, GameStop decided to close 150 stores this year.

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36. Charming Charlie

Popular accessory retailer Charming Charlie just announced that it plans to close 100 stores after filing for bankruptcy. Boo!

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