There’s a kids’ Stanley cup alternative thanks to Fisher-Price

Trio of images - left, baby sitting in high chair playing with Fisher Price Wake Up & Learn Coffee Mug, middle the cup in its package and on the right a baby sitting on the floor playing with the cup

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Can you imagine a baby or toddler with their own Stanley cup? It would be difficult for those tiny hands to hold on to or drink from the massive tumbler that has crowds of people wrestling each other for the newest color in the early hours of the morning.

No, a toddler shouldn’t have a Stanley cup. But they can have the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Wake Up & Learn Coffee Mug that’ll nearly perfectly match their parents’ favorite water bottle.


$9.97 at Amazon $9.97 at Walmart

Like the original Stanley cup that inspired the toy cup, the Fisher Price version is now sold out at major retailers. In fact, it has already cropped up on Ebay for a whopping $60!

Despite the toy’s popularity, you won’t have to wait in long line or risk personal safety to pick up this toy cup. A Fisher-Price press representative told Simplemost the company expects Amazon to have a new shipment the week of Jan. 29.

So, other than the obvious association with Stanley, what makes this toy so special? While it may look like a cup, but it’s really an interactive toy for babies and toddlers. The two buttons on the front of the cup activate colorful lights, songs and phrases to engage young children.


$45 at Stanley

In addition to the electronic music and sounds, the Fisher-Price Wake Up & Learn Coffee Cup has a number of hands-on play activities to engage a baby or toddler’s motor skills. The top of the cup can flip around with one side showing a matcha latte swirl and the other having mocha-colored rattle beads. Plus, the two clackers attached to the cup’s handle can be moved and hit to make noise.

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It is important to note that little ones will still need a sippy cup for their drinks, as this cup is meant to be a toy. It is not approved for storing drinks.

Still, as mom and dad drink their morning coffee or water throughout the day, the littlest member of the family can fit right in with their own trendy cup!

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