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The Best Waterproof Bike Cover

Last updated on September 21, 2022
Best Waterproof Bike Cover

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Our Picks For The Top Waterproof Bike Covers

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Pro Bike Tool Oxford Fabric Waterproof Bike Cover

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Pro Bike Tool

Oxford Fabric Waterproof Bike Cover

This waterproof bike cover comes highly recommended by bike owners. With handles and adjustable buckles, this cover is easy to use and will withstand any windy day. Constructed with high quality oxford fabric, its durability is unparalleled and will keep your bike in tip-top shape.

Overall Take

Easy To UseUse the featured handles to easily put on and take off this bike cover.

 Runner Up

Szblnsm All-Weather Double Stitched Waterproof Bike Cover


All-Weather Double Stitched Waterproof Bike Cover

Avid cyclists will want to have this waterproof bike cover in their arsenal. It's designed to protect equipment from rain, wind and even sun damage. The high-quality 420D fabric also means the cover won't tear or become damaged during a storm.

Overall Take

Offers Sun ProtectionThis waterproof bike cover is made using double stitching technology to ensure it remains durable for many years to come.

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TeamObsidian Stationary Waterproof Bike Cover


Stationary Waterproof Bike Cover

This waterproof bike cover keeps your bike safe from any harsh weather conditions. It is made from a durable material and stays securely on your bike. Keep in mind that it should not be used on car racks while traveling.

Overall Take

Effective in All WeatherProtect your bike from sun, rain, wind, snow, ice and hail with this cover.

 Also Great

Hanmir PU & UV Coated Velcro Waterproof Bike Cover


PU & UV Coated Velcro Waterproof Bike Cover

In addition to traditional bicycles, this waterproof bike cover also works with strollers, mopeds and beach cruisers. It features a lock hole design to allow for securing the bike to a bike rack without removing the protective cover. The cover itself has a UV coating and can protect your bicycle from dust, rain, sun and dirt.

Overall Take

Budget-Friendly OptionYou'll find this bike cover is available in either silver or black.

Buying Guide

Your bike does so much more than take you from point A to point B. It helps you connect with friends, family and loved ones. It helps you bring home your work laptop, your dinner from the fast food place and the groceries you need for the week. It helps you beat traffic to get to work on time, and saves you a lot of gas money. In order to protect your bike and treat it like the valuable possession it is, it’s important to use a waterproof bike cover.

If you’re able to store your bike indoors most of the time, like in a garage or shed, you may not need a bike cover. However, if your bike is usually stored outside, it’s important get a waterproof bike cover to keep the metal from rusting and avoid overheating the seats from the sun. Many waterproof bike covers can’t stand up to the elements, so look for one that is durable and won’t degrade over time.

Some waterproof bike covers can go brittle from cold weather, and end up ripping or tearing easily. Some are not secured properly to the bike and can fly off due to strong winds. Others are not large enough to cover the whole bike or multiple bikes at one time.

When you’re looking for the perfect waterproof bike cover, begin by figuring out your needs. This will help you determine what kind of waterproof bike cover is best for your situation. For example, are you looking to store your bike outside for the long term (like for the whole winter season) or for the short term (for a few hours at work)? Will your bike be stored in the house, garage, shed or uncovered outdoors during this time? Will your bike be stored while in transit, such as on the back of a car or RV?

Once you know how your bike will be stored, you can search for the best waterproof bike cover for you.

What to Look For

  • The material of the waterproof bike cover affects its durability and longevity. Opt for a material that is thick so that it won’t tear over time. Polyester is a hardy material that is long-lasting, flexible and durable. It should be waterproof as well as UV resistant.
  • An important feature many bike owners find handy in their waterproof bike cover is a lock hole. This is a special hole that is reinforced in the bike cover and through which you slip your bike lock. Check the placement of the hole to ensure it works with the kind of bike lock you have. You’ll also want to make sure that the lock hole has metallic rings around it so that the fabric does not tear.
  • The size of the waterproof bike cover is key — if the size is wrong, your bike may not fit inside the cover. While many bike covers state that they fit all bikes, it’s best to properly check the measurements against your bike. You may also need to fit multiple bikes in the cover, so check to see whether the size can accommodate that.
  • It’s important to have handles in the waterproof bike cover that secure the material to your bike. If they are not strong, then the bike cover may easily fly off with strong winds. Opt for a cover that has one or two straps that click into place.
  • A nice feature to have are grab handles on the top of the waterproof bike cover. These make it easy to put on the cover and take it off. You can also use these handles to hang the cover to dry if it gets wet.

More to Explore

Check to see whether the waterproof bike cover has any reflective material. This is especially handy if you store your bike in a dark place and need access to it at night. It can be hard to locate your bike in the dark or differentiate it from others who also use similar bike covers. Reflective material helps your bike cover stand out when there is little to no light available.

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