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The Best Tummy Time Product

Last updated on December 23, 2020

We looked at the top 9 Tummy Time Products and dug through the reviews from 27 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best Tummy Time Products.

Best Tummy Time Product

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Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror

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Tummy Time Floor Mirror

This tummy time product is a soft, self-standing toy that allows your baby to be enamored with their reflection in the mirror. It also has a small ball attached, which babies can touch and feel with their hands. A stuffed bee attached to the mirror encourages tactile exploration.

Overall Take

True-Reflection Self-Standing ToyThis tummy time product distracts babies with their own image.

" A mirror can be a perfect distraction during tummy time, as your baby becomes enamored with the other little person in the mirror."
 Grows With Baby

Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support


Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support

This tummy time product grows with your baby. The pillows are great for helping your baby raise their heads during tummy time, and can be stacked to provide sitting support. The mat is brightly colored and has small toys attached.

Overall Take

Cuddly and CuteThis tummy time product helps babies hold themselves up and sit independently.

" Versatile product supports your baby from tummy time to sit & play."
"I don't think you can wash it."
 Adorable Giraffe

VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow


Tummy Time Discovery Pillow

Your baby is sure to look forward to tummy time when you go with this exciting tummy time product. Not only does the colorful pillow prop your baby up, but it also comes with a few toys. The attached piano lights up and plays music to appeal to your baby's senses.

Overall Take

Stimulates the SensesA rattle, piano and mirror are attached to this adorable tummy time product.

 Great on Hard Flooring

Wonder Space Braided Plush Tummy Time Mat

Wonder Space

Braided Plush Tummy Time Mat

If you have hard flooring in your home, you'll want to invest in this tummy time product. It's hand woven using uniquely twisted knots. In addition to being soft to the touch, the mat is filled with a thin PP cotton filling for extra cushioning.

Overall Take

Adds a Layer of ComfortYou'll find this tummy time product is available in a choice of white, pink or gray.

Buying Guide

While it’s important for your little bundle of joy to sleep on their back, this means that they don’t have many chances to develop their neck, back and arm muscles. Plus, many babies spend a lot of time in car seats and swings, further decreasing the amount of time they spend on their tummies. That’s why providing your baby with tummy time is increasingly important.

When infants spend time lying on their tummies, they develop the muscles they need to eventually roll over, crawl and sit up. Through tummy time, babies can fortify their trunk muscles, strengthen neck and head control, and improve the muscles in their upper body. If babies spend most of their time on their backs, they don’t have the chance to develop these muscles which are so integral to their physical growth and future mobility.

Another important reason to focus on tummy time is that it helps reduce the chances of your infant developing a flat spot on the back of their head. Since doctors promote infants sleeping on their backs for safety reasons, plagiocephaly — the flattening of the head — can occur since babies’ skulls are still soft and forming.

Even so, you’ll want to stay close to your baby as she plays and make sure she doesn’t fall asleep on her tummy.

“Whatever tummy time products you purchase, spend time with your baby while they play and make sure to place them on their back for sleep,” says Kate Desmond, our resident parenting expert.

Did you know you can start tummy time with your infant when they are as young as two weeks old? At this age, all they need is a few sessions that are 30 seconds long. As they grow older, you can gradually increase the amount of time they spend on their tummies.

Keep in mind that most babies don’t like tummy time initially. It is a new and uncomfortable position at first, and it takes practice to hold their heads up on their own. Your baby may fuss the first few times you place them on their tummy. That’s why having some playful distractions can help your baby to spend more time in this position. When your baby has something fun to look at and play with while on their tummy, they will start to enjoy the activity more and more. At two months old, you can aim for tummy time sessions that are five minutes long. By four months, try to encourage tummy time that is around 15 minutes long a couple of times a day.

“A baby play mat can be a great product to keep tummy time clean and interesting,” says Desmond. “These mats often have built-in features, but additional products can keep tummy time fun for even longer. Just like tweens with their selfies, babies love to look at themselves so tummy time products with mirrors are a great place to start. Anything with water or movement can also keep babies’ attention, so a water mat with plenty of fish and sparkle can be really fun.”

Our Expert Consultant

Kate Desmond 
Parenting Pro and Safe-Sleep Expert

Kate Desmond is a writer and infant safe-sleep expert. She has spent the last eight years working as the marketing director for Charlie’s Kids Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to educate families about SIDS and safe sleep. In that role, she travels around the country learning and educating caregivers and providers on the latest and greatest safe-sleep information to prevent infant death.

As mom to two elementary-aged daughters, she spends hours researching the best and safest products for her own kids. She is quick to get in the weeds with other mamas, and uses humor to cope with parenting woes from potty-training to teaching kids to read.

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Our experts reviewed the top 9 Tummy Time Products and also dug through the reviews from 27 of the most popular review sites including and more. The result is a ranking of the best of the best Tummy Time Products.

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What to Look For

  • When you’re looking for a tummy time product, it’s best to find one that will captivate your little bundle of joy. Some babies like bright and bold colors, while other babies are more interested in things they can grab and hold. Some babies prefer looking in a mirror, while others want toys that make a lot of noise. You may have to experiment to see what your little one likes best while on their tummy. The Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror is a large true-reflection mirror that attracts your baby’s developing vision. A black and white spinning ball attached to the mirror engages your baby’s need to explore objects by hand. The mirror has an easel back and stands on the floor on its own. The Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support is great for babies that need a little extra physical support to get used to tummy time. The c-shaped prop pillows can be placed under your baby’s arms and chest to support them during tummy time. They can also be stacked to help during sitting. The pillow has bright colors and patterns and comes with small dangling toys your baby can grab. The VTech Tummy Time Discovery Pillow provides a comfort pillow that entertains your baby up during tummy time. The brightly colored pillow also lights up and plays music. The Wonder Space Braided Plush Tummy Time Mat provides an extra level of cushioning. It’s soft to the touch and hand made to be extremely durable.
  • For newborns who are still developing their ability to hold their head up, having a tummy time product that provides extra support may be beneficial. While the Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror doesn’t come with an extra pillow for support, it can be used with a rolled-up blanket placed under the baby’s chest and arms. On the other hand, the Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support comes with a special c-shaped pillow that is designed specifically to be used as a prop for your baby to help them build their neck muscles.
  • Babies grow and change each day, learning new skills, developing new muscles and gaining new interests. For many parents, it’s important to purchase products that will grow with their baby. When selecting your tummy time product, look for one that your baby can play with as they grow older and learn to roll, crawl and sit. The Sassy Tummy Time Floor Mirror is a great height for babies to use as they crawl and sit up, in addition to being used while they are lying on their tummies. The Infantino Prop-A-Pillar Tummy Time & Seated Support is innovatively designed so that the pillows can be stacked to create a little seat for the baby to sit in as they develop their back muscles.

More to Explore

How does tummy time work? While placing your baby on their tummy for short amounts of time sounds fairly simple, there are some important elements to always keep in mind. Babies should be placed on a firm surface such as the carpet or floor, not on an overly soft bed or couch. Take care not to place your baby anywhere they can fall off, even if they haven’t started rolling on their own yet. Always supervise your little one during tummy time, ensuring that they are comfortable and safe.

Do not start tummy time right after your baby has fed, as the extra pressure applied to their stomachs may cause them to spit up their milk. Instead, wait 30 minutes to an hour after they have eaten to do tummy time. For many parents, it’s easier to link tummy time to a regular daily activity, such as changing diapers or waking up from a nap. This helps babies to associate tummy time as a fun, regular activity they can always expect.

While your baby is engaging in tummy time, get down on their level and bring your face close to theirs. While toys are great distractions that help babies to lengthen the time they can spend on their tummies, seeing their loved ones’ faces is an excellent way to help babies feel comfortable during this new activity.

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