The best toilet paper


While the toilet paper you purchase may seem like an afterthought, use enough rough, fall-to-pieces toilet papers and you quickly understand the benefit of a soft, sturdy, high-quality toilet paper.

Toilet paper also happens to be a, well, personal purchase and therefore not everyone has the same taste when it comes to TP. While some folks put durability — toilet paper’s ability to stay together during use — ahead of texture, there are others who value softness above all else. For the purposes of this testing, we kept our eyes on the toilet paper’s durability, absorbency, texture and value.


We looked through tons of online reviews of various toilet paper brands and types to narrow our testing field, then we put those that felt superior in durability, absorbency, texture and value to the test.

Keep reading to learn which three toilet paper options came out on top.

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The Best Overall Toilet Paper


Quilted Northern/Amazon


Why We Like It: For those who value softness more than any other quality in a toilet paper, this version from Quilted Northern is for you. They don’t call it “ultra-plush” for nothing, and we found that this toilet paper lived up to its name! Unlike other super-soft toilet papers out there, this one doesn’t tear apart while in use. If you have small or extra-sensitive rears at home, this just may be the TP for you.


The Best Value




Why We Like It: One of the best things about this Amazon brand toilet paper is its price. Not only does this cost less than the big-name competitors, we found that there’s no compromise on quality with this soft, strong, tear-resistant toilet paper.



We swapped in this Presto brand in a blind test, and there’s was virtually no difference in the texture, durability or absorbency from the higher-priced versions we had in rotation in the house.

Also Consider



Why We Like It: Finding a toilet paper that makes everyone in your house happy can be a challenge, but this one from Charmin did the trick. It came out on top in our tests because it’s soft yet strong, as well as absorbent and durable. We loved that this is toilet paper is priced right and lasts longer than other TPs we’ve tested, thanks to its thickness. Another bonus: This one doesn’t “pill” as other toilet papers do.


Tips and Advice

  • Toilet paper rolls have been growing in size in recent years, with some manufacturers promising double and triple the sheets in each roll. This can be problematic if your spindle sits too close to the wall. Many manufacturers have offered extenders for free to resolve this issue, so be sure to check.
  • If you have a toilet paper holder next to your toilet to hold extra rolls, you may also find that today’s larger-sized rolls don’t fit.
  • Although thick, absorbent toilet paper may seem valuable for your day-to-day wiping needs, there can be a negative to that. Some thicker toilet paper doesn’t dissolve well, possibly leading to plumbing issues. If you’re on a septic tank, you may also find you need to have it pumped more often due to wads of undissolved tissue.
  • An increasing number of consumers have a focus on eco-friendliness. Look for brands that are Sustainable Forestry Initiative-certified. Some even feature recyclable packaging, as long as your local recycling facility accepts 4-level plastics.
  • By buying in bulk, you can save money on toilet paper while also having it conveniently dropped off at your front door. An increasing number of consumers are buying groceries online, and that rate is expected to grow fivefold over the next 10 years.
  • Buying in bulk online means we can also save money, especially if using a subscription service. Another big trend is the move toward extra-large toilet paper rolls. This may seem more convenient, but one possible hitch when purchasing these larger rolls is that they don’t fit on the spindle.
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