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The Best Toddler Scarf

Last updated on April 21, 2022
Best Toddler Scarf

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Epeius Thermal Ribbed Toddler Scarf

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Thermal Ribbed Toddler Scarf

The knitted pattern on the outside of this toddler scarf gives it style. Inside the scarf, you'll find a fleece layer that is super soft against your little one's sensitive skin. Whether you're building a snowman, going for a bike ride or taking a nature hike, this scarf is an excellent buy.

Overall Take

Multiple Color OptionsYou'll find this toddler scarf comes in a choice of six colors, including pink, purple, black and gray.

 Runner Up

Aegend Stretchy Toddler Mask & Scarf, 2-Pack


Stretchy Toddler Mask & Scarf, 2-Pack

This toddler scarf also works as a face mask or ear warmer, which is a nice feature on those blistery windy days. The scarf is constructed from a high-quality fleece, which means it keeps heat in and cold out. Since the scarf is soft and elastic, it's also extremely comfortable to wear.

Overall Take

Most VersatileThis toddler scarf is best for kids ages 4 to 12.

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GZMM Ultra Warm Toddler Scarf & Hat


Ultra Warm Toddler Scarf & Hat

Your toddler will be fully protected from the elements in this snuggly hat. It is made from soft and warm cotton and has two layers. The front section can be pulled up to keep the mouth and nose warm.

Overall Take

Protects Head and NeckThis toddler scarf keeps the entire head, ears, face and neck warm and cozy.

 Also Great

Zsedrut Classic Fleece Toddler Scarf


Classic Fleece Toddler Scarf

Keep your little one warm this winter season with this 100% polyester-lined toddler scarf. The thick velvet is all natural and free of chemicals that typically irritate skin. The scarf is easy to get on and off, which is great for toddlers who are just learning how to dress independently.

Overall Take

Most EconomicalIf you're searching for a budget-friendly toddler scarf that's still high-quality, this model is your best bet.

Buying Guide

Toddlers love playing outside. Even when it’s cold and wet, they get a kick out of exploring the great outdoors. Whether they are building a snowman, jumping in puddles or running through the crunchy leaves, toddlers have a great time in the cooler weather. Ensure they are bundled up nicely with all of the winter outdoor gear, including a toddler scarf. This important item keeps their neck and face warm against the chilly wind.

Adult scarves are usually long and narrow; however, this kind of shape does not work for toddlers and young children. It can pose a strangulation hazard if one end of the scarf gets caught on something else, so it’s best to get kids a special scarf that is made just for their size. There are a couple of toddler scarf style options to choose from.

One of the most common toddler scarf styles is the infinity scarf, which is essentially a hollow ring of fabric. Kids wear it by pulling it over their heads, much like wearing a shirt. It has a small circumference so the infinity scarf sits on their shoulders, protecting their neck from the cold. Another option is a shorter version of the adult scarf. Instead of wrapping around the toddler’s neck multiple times, there is only enough length to tie the scarf in the front. This makes it safer than a long scarf. If you want to combine the scarf with a hat, then go with a balaclava style. This hat protects the head, face and neck, so you don’t need a separate scarf. It’s great for really chilly weather.

What to Look For

  • The fabric of the toddler scarf will affect its warmth, comfort and durability. Since scarves are worn directly next to the face and neck, it’s important that the material be soft to the touch. You don’t want them to feel itchy when wearing the scarf. Opt for wool blends, cashmere, cotton and linen materials as they provide the best results.
  • There are endless color options to choose from when it comes to toddler scarves. Decide whether you want to match with the other outerwear your child has. For example, if your child has a red coat, do you want to get a red scarf as well? You can also go with a complimentary color for your accessories instead of matching. For example, if your child has a red coat, you can opt for a navy blue scarf, hat and gloves.
  • Ensure the toddler scarves are easy to maintain and can be washed in the washer and dryer. Because they are worn so close to the face, it’s important to wash them regularly and keep them clean and free of germs.

More to Explore

For some toddlers, the sensation of wearing a scarf can feel restrictive and uncomfortable. Get them used to wearing a scarf by practicing indoors. Teach them how to put it on themselves, and walk around the house with it on for a few minutes every day. You can also get matching scarves with your toddler, or get them a matching scarf with an older sibling, to encourage them to keep it on when outdoors.

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