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The Best Thunderbolt Cable

Last updated on June 1, 2023
Best Thunderbolt Cable

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Our Picks For The Top Thunderbolt Cables

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QGeeM Male-To-Female Thunderbolt 3 Compatible Cable

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Male-To-Female Thunderbolt 3 Compatible Cable

This thunderbolt cable is highly reliable for optimal streaming of content. It is widely compatible with various brands of devices. It has a non-slip design for ease of use.

Overall Take

Seamless StreamingThis thunderbolt cable can help you stream content to your devices without interruption.

 Runner Up

Apple Tangle-Free High Speed Thunderbolt Cable, 6.6-Foot


Tangle-Free High Speed Thunderbolt Cable, 6.6-Foot

This thunderbolt cable offers blazing fast data transfer speeds. It also provides expansion capabilities. It can be used to connect devices with a thunderbolt port to various Apple products.

Overall Take

Blazing FastThis thunderbolt cable has high data transfer speeds.

 Strong Contender

Anker 3.0 High-Speed Certified Thunderbolt Cable, 2.3-Foot


3.0 High-Speed Certified Thunderbolt Cable, 2.3-Foot

This thunderbolt cable works at high speed, transferring data in just a few seconds. With 100 watts of power, it also charges your favorite devices quickly. The cable is widely compatible with a large number of Dell, HP, Apple, MacBook and Lenovo devices, so chances are your device is supported.

Overall Take

Super FastYou'll find this thunderbolt cable comes in a length choice of 1.6 or 2.3 feet.

 We Also Like

Cable Matters Tablet Male-To-Male Thunderbolt Cable, 6.6-Foot

Cable Matters

Tablet Male-To-Male Thunderbolt Cable, 6.6-Foot

If you're searching for a thunderbolt cable that does it all, this model is an excellent choice. It's capable of transferring up to 20 gigabytes of data and has plenty of power to charge your devices, including a laptop. The cable's technology is also responsible for producing stunning videos and crystal-clear audio.

Overall Take

Most VersatileThis thunderbolt cable extends a full 6.6 feet.

Buying Guide

A thunderbolt cable, which used to be called a light peak cable, is a type of technology for high-resolution displays on computers. It is essentially a way to move a large amount of data from once place to another, such as from your laptop to your monitor, where you want to send high-definition visuals to the monitor for viewing. Another use for the thunderbolt cable is between your camera and your laptop, where you want to download your photo files onto your computer. The thunderbolt cable can connect various devices, such as computers, docks, monitors and external graphics cards, as long as the device has a port that is compatible with the thunderbolt cable.

What makes this cable unique is that it enables you to add multiple devices to your computer through a chain of cords. This means that you have significantly improved video and audio experiences using just one cable, without slowing performance or affecting quality. Another key benefit of the thunderbolt cable is that it makes traveling with a computer much easier, since only one type of cable is required for both audio and video.

What to Look For

  • When buying a thunderbolt cable, be sure to check for compatibility first and foremost. You want to ensure that the devices you’re planning to use the cable with actually have a thunderbolt port. You should also check the specifications of the cable to see whether it notes it is compatible with your devices. They will typically list the devices and models the particular cable is compatible with.
  • Be sure to check the length of the cable, especially if you plan on connecting devices that are not typically close to one another, such as your laptop and a TV. Thunderbolt cables come in various lengths, such as 1 foot or 10 feet. You also want to make sure you don’t have too much extra cable because it can be difficult to fit into a small space, such as between your computer and your monitor.
  • In order to make sure you have a stable data transfer from the cable, opt for one that specifies it is interference free. This means that it will block any signal fracturing or interference so you don’t have to deal with a black screen.

More to Explore

When looking for thunderbolt cables, you may come across devices that note that they are USB-C compatible. In many devices, the USB-C ports can also be used by thunderbolt cables. However, a thunderbolt cable has more functionality and features than a USB-C cable. For example, a thunderbolt cable has much faster speeds of 40 gigabytes per second. It also provides support for 4K or 5K video display. In addition, a thunderbolt cable has native audio support. Note that not all USB-C ports are compatible with a thunderbolt cable, so you will have to check the device specifications to make sure.

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