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The Best Telephone Extension Cord

Last updated on July 30, 2023
Best Telephone Extension Cord

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Power Gear Standard Telephone Extension Cord, 100-Foot

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Power Gear

Standard Telephone Extension Cord, 100-Foot

This telephone extension cord offers a long reach of 100 feet. Each end features a modular jack, which is designed to fit all standard phone jacks. You can use the cord at home or in the office to reach everything from a modem to a fax machine.

Overall Take

Far ReachThe durable jacket on this telephone extension cord keeps it safe from wear and tear.

 Runner Up

Comm Cable Modem Telephone Extension Cord, 25-Foot

Comm Cable

Modem Telephone Extension Cord, 25-Foot

Open up the possibilities of your home or office workspace with this telephone extension cord. The relatively short length makes it perfect for pairing telephones as well as extending their reach without undue cord tangling. It comes with RJ-11 conductors on both ends.

Overall Take

Versatile Office CordCustomize your workspace with this telephone extension cord.

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THE CIMPLE CO Dual Connectors Telephone Extension Cord, 100-Foot


Dual Connectors Telephone Extension Cord, 100-Foot

Reliable is the best word to describe this telephone extension cord. Not only is it made with a heavy-duty PVC jacket, but it also features a high-grade copper conductor. Since it measures 100 feet in length, you won't have any trouble reaching your desired devices.

Overall Take

High-Grade Copper ConductorsThis telephone extension cord is designed to provide a clear connection that is free from interference.

 Also Great

moeverEX Female-to-Female Telephone Extension Cord, 25-Foot


Female-to-Female Telephone Extension Cord, 25-Foot

Whether you have a new landline or you simply need to replace a frayed cord, this telephone extension cord is your best bet. The wires have pure copper insides, which allows for a better and more reliable connection. Included with the cable are 25 white adhesive clips and an inline coupler.

Overall Take

Most AffordableIf you're searching for a budget-friendly telephone extension cord, this model is an excellent choice.

Buying Guide

Smartphones might be an ever-present weight in our pockets, but landline phones are still a fixture at the office and even in many homes. And just like any piece of technology these days, these phones are increasingly connected to other devices — and that means extra connection cords.

Just because it’s called a landline phone doesn’t mean it needs to be landlocked to the wall that has the phone jack. A good telephone extension cord can give you greater freedom to move your desk or attach that phone to modems, fax machines or other office essentials.

One good thing about landline phones: The accessories and connection cord standards for them have remained much the same for decades, while charging cables and operating systems for smartphones seem to go obsolete every five years or so. If you need an extension cable for any standard telephone, look for the flat cord and squarish connections of an RJ-11 or RJ-12 cable.

Of the two, RJ-11 is the most common, and the oldest. They can be used to connect your telephone to a phone jack in the wall, or that phone to a modem or fax.

RJ-12 cords look the same on the surface, but check the ends and you’ll see six metal contacts occupying each of the six connection points. RJ-11 cords, by contrast, have four contacts. The extra contacts in the RJ-12 cords allow for additional phone lines, so they can be used by keyed telephone systems or office-wide PBX (Public Branch Exchange) phone systems. They’ll still work in older RJ-11 slots, but RJ-11 cords will not work in phones jack designated for use with RJ-12. This type is far less common, so if you’re buying for a home phone or simple office landline, RJ-11 cords should be all you need.

What to Look For

It should be easy to tell them apart, but don’t buy handset cord when you need an extension cord for your phone line. If you’re buying online, check the RJ (Registered Jack) number. Phone line that runs from your telephone to a phone jack or modem will be RJ-11 (or less commonly, RJ-12). Handset cord is the cord that connects your handset to the actual phone base, and that will be rated RJ-9 or 22. It will also be coiled in that telltale spiral, making it easy to spot in hardware store aisles.

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The oldest continuously assigned phone number in the world is also a familiar one. According to New York City’s famous Hotel Pennsylvania, their number of 212-736-5000 was assigned in the 1930’s. Back then, it was listed as PE6-5000 — or in the shorthand that inspired a hit Glenn Miller tune, “Pennsylvania 6-5000.” That number still rings the front desk today, where you can hear the song if you’re on hold.

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