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The Best Spray Bottle

Last updated on March 15, 2024

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EPAuto Industrial Transparent Spray Bottles, 3-Pack

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Industrial Transparent Spray Bottles, 3-Pack

You'll get not one, not two, but three spray bottles when you opt for this set. Each features a clear 16-ounce container, so you always know when it's time for a refill. The upper spray nozzle is easy to squeeze and the entire unit is designed not to break when dropped.

Overall Take

Stock UpThis spray bottle works with both water-based and oil-based cleaning products.

 Runner Up

Bealee Chemically Resistant Household Spray Bottles, 2-Pack


Chemically Resistant Household Spray Bottles, 2-Pack

Whether you're misting plants in a greenhouse or creating a homemade cleaner, this spray bottle set won't let you down. It includes two bottles, both of which have a large 24-ounce capacity. The nozzle adjusts from mist to stream and there are built-in measurements up the side.

Overall Take

Affordable PickThis spray bottle set comes with a budget-friendly price tag.

 We Also Like

Beautify Beauties Misting Even Spray Bottle

Beautify Beauties

Misting Even Spray Bottle

A high-quality mister is what you'll get when you go with this spray bottle. Since it's designed to provide a continuous fine mist, you'll find it works well for bathroom air fresheners and plant care. It has an ergonomically designed trigger and can be sprayed in any direction, even upside down.

Overall Take

Long StreamEach stream from this spray bottle is consistent, even and lasts about 1.2 seconds.

 Strong Contender

Harris Fine Mist Chemically Resistant Spray Bottles, 3-Pack


Fine Mist Chemically Resistant Spray Bottles, 3-Pack

Since this spray bottle is chemically-resistant, you can fill it with everything from water to pesticides. The set includes a total of three heavy-duty 32-ounce bottles, so you'll be able to tackle a variety of tasks. The nozzles are also adjustable, allowing you to switch from a fine mist to a solid stream.

Overall Take

Easy to UseThis spray bottle offers a better grip, thanks to the extended spray trigger.

Buying Guide

A spray bottle is a bottle that is usually made from glass or plastic. Instead of having a lid, a spray bottle has a nozzle that releases the liquid inside the bottle in a mist or spray form. In order to release the liquid from the spray bottle, you have to pull the lever attached to the nozzle.

Simplemost Media

There are many reasons to use a spray bottle in your home or at work. One of the most common ways spray bottles are used is for cleaning solutions. You can make your own all-natural cleaners and put them in a reusable spray bottle, or you can purchase chemical cleaners in bulk and transfer them into a spray bottle.

Simplemost Media

Another excellent use for spray bottles is to keep your house plants feeling and looking fresh. Fill your spray bottle with warm water and spray your plants when they need it. You can keep a spray bottle filled with windshield wiper fluid in the trunk of your car. This is handy to have in the winter months when snow and ice make it impossible to see out your side and rear windows. A few sprays will do the trick in seconds. Spray bottles also come in handy in the garden. You can get rid of weeds, ants and other insects by spraying them with undiluted white vinegar. Just be sure not to get any on your grass or other plants.

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When you’re looking to buy a spray bottle, consider the type of material it’s made out of. Plastic is the most common material you’ll see for spray bottles, but note that it comes in varying quality. Opt for a durable and long-lasting one that you can re-use multiple times. The best part about plastic spray bottles is that they won’t break if they fall. Glass is your other option for spray bottles and can bring a modern aesthetic to an otherwise mundane household item. Glass spray bottles are not as durable as plastic, but they are a good choice for those who want to avoid using plastic in their homes.

What to Look For

  • Consider the material the spray bottle is made out of, and how it works for what you want to use it for. If you’re using your spray bottle to mist your plants or house natural cleaning solutions for your home, a glass bottle will work well. You can even find glass spray bottles that are tinted so that UV light from the sun cannot harm elements inside the bottle. This is important for those who keep essential oils in their spray bottles. A plastic spray bottle is a good choice if you’re going to be using it outdoors in your garden or storing windshield washer fluid in your car.
  • Take a look at the nozzle and trigger and how they work. If you have issues with your hands, such as carpal tunnel, opt for an ergonomic design that doesn’t put any strain on your hands when squeezing the trigger.
  • Consider what functions are on the nozzle. Often you can find spray bottles with nozzles that have an “off” setting, as well as mist and stream.
  • Think about what size you want your spray bottles based on how you’re going to use them. If you’re using them for cleaning solutions at home, having a large bottle around 16 ounces is key so you don’t constantly have to refill it. If you want something you can take with you in your bag or purse, go for a smaller bottle around 2 ounces.
  • When it comes to cleaning out your spray bottles, read the instructions carefully. Some can actually be cleaned in the dishwasher, while others will need to be hand-washed.

More to Explore

While spray bottles play a lot of useful roles around the house, they can also be used for fun in kids’ activities. If your kids like to paint, you can fill a small spray bottle with a mixture of washable paint and water. Grab a large piece of paper and let your child spray on cool designs with the bottle. This is a great activity for doing outside. You can also paint the driveway or sidewalk in this activity. In the winter months, paint the snow different colors with the paint and water mixture. Add a tiny bit of glitter to the mixture for a sparkly touch.

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