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The Best Small Recliner Chair

Last updated on March 16, 2023
Best Small Recliner Chair

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Our Picks For The Top Small Recliner Chairs

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Rankok Ergonomic Small Recliner Chair Theatre Seating

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Ergonomic Small Recliner Chair Theatre Seating

The ergonomic design of this small recliner chair keeps your back supported while you relax after a hard day at work. The fabric is skin-friendly and elegant, adding to the appeal of the chair. If you want to recline, you'll find the chair can be adjusted from 90 to 165 degrees.

Overall Take

Calming Blue ColorThe cushions on this small recliner chair have been upgraded for better comfort.

 Runner Up

Furniwell Ergonomic Small Recliner Chair With Cup Holders


Ergonomic Small Recliner Chair With Cup Holders

This unique massage recliner chair comes with a remote control with adjustable settings, soft polyurethane faux leather and incredibly soft, thick foam padding. Imagine yourself reclining in this space while using that remote-control massage function!

Overall Take

You Deserve This SeatWith this small recliner chair, you’ll feel just like you’re in heaven, whether gaming or watching television.

 Top Pick

Christopher Knight Home Mason Mid-Century Compact Recliner

Christopher Knight Home

Mason Mid-Century Compact Recliner

Available in unique fabric colors such as pink, purple and yellow, this microfiber-lined clean-look recliner with tapered wooden legs will stand out in your living room. Its size fits well into small spaces, but it still provides plenty of comfort.

Overall Take

Unique Color OptionsThis small but chic recliner has clean lines and provides a contemporary look with fun color options.

 We Also Like

Homall Faux Leather Adjustable Small Recliner Chair


Faux Leather Adjustable Small Recliner Chair

You can fully relax in this adjustable small recliner chair. It has an upgraded footrest with thick foot padding. The recliner is made with high-quality leather that is comfortable and easy on your skin.

Overall Take

Fully RelaxThis small recliner chair can adjust from 90 degrees to 180 degrees.

Buying Guide

Whether you’re catching a quick nap or settling in for a Netflix binge, a small recliner chair that can hold you upright or make you comfortable on your back can quickly become the favorite seat in the house. This might be the best furniture purchase you make all year, so here’s how to do it right.

Comfort is a big part of the package, but you’ll want to consider size as part of this calculation. Your recliner should suit your body type, but it also needs to fit appropriately into the space. It helps to do a quick measurement of your living room or den, and determine exactly where you want that recliner to go. Pay close attention to the dimensions of your recliner — and don’t forget to take into account how long it will be when fully reclined.

Now that you’ve fit your chair into the room, make sure you fit into the chair. Standard size recliners are 40 to 50 inches wide. Smaller recliner chairs are available, and anything larger will be labeled as oversized. Obviously, you don’t want something you need to squeeze your hips into, but don’t overlook the height of the back or the length of the footrest. If your heels hang off the edge, this can put pressure on your Achilles’ tendon. You’ll also want your head in a natural position when you lean back, with no cushion pushing it upward. (If you plan on doing a lot of recliner napping, you can always get a couch pillow.)

You’ll find many different materials can be used in the recliner’s outer covering, but your options generally fall into one of two categories: Leather or upholstery. If you’re going for something that will last, it’s hard to beat leather. Leather’s moisture-absorbing properties will stand up to those inevitable spills and the surface is a lot harder to scuff. Of course, there are those that don’t like the feel of a leather chair (especially in summer). Upholstered chairs might require a little more care and caution when it comes to spills, but you can spend a little extra on performance fabrics that can handle the rough treatment of kids or pets.

Obviously, you’ll want a recliner that actually puts you in a more horizontal position with sufficient back support. But different models do it in different ways, so choose the one that fits your physical capabilities. Lever-operated recliners are common, but you’ll want to make sure that you can reach the lever — and that it isn’t blocked by a wall or end table. There are also push-back models that recline with a simple shift of your weight, but that might be difficult for those who aren’t so mobile. In that case, consider shelling out extra for a power recliner that kicks back with the push of a button.

What to Look For

While you’re testing out your recliner for comfort, don’t forget to consider the way it looks and how it fits into your space. Warm, earth-toned interiors call for a more traditional design, while a more modern, angular chair might complement bright or white-colored living rooms.

You may wish to pick colors that complement the background, but don’t feel like you need the chair to blend into the walls. If you would prefer the chair to be a focal point for the room, simple patterns can help draw the eye to it.

More to Explore

Think recliners are strictly for vegging out? Think again. Racing doesn’t get any more relaxing than the numerous “couch derbies” and “recliner races” around the globe, where competitors put wheels onto their easy chairs and take them out on the track for a not-so-leisurely roll toward the finish line. Some even add electronic skateboards or make their creations jet-powered. There’s actually a famous annual race at Cedar Lake in Kiel, Wisconsin, which has competitors attaching skis to their recliners and sliding across the ice.

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