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The Best Scrunchies for Good and Bad Hair Days

Last updated on November 3, 2023
Best Scrunchies

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BeeVines Multicolor Satin Scrunchies, 60 Count

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Multicolor Satin Scrunchies, 60 Count

Made of shiny satin, these scrunchies come in a pack of 60. You get a color selection with every colors of the rainbow alongside neutral colors. There are also some extras like a storage bag plus ponytail creator tool.

Overall Take

Huge Selection and ExtrasConsider this pack of scrunchies if you'd like the convenience of a huge color selection and extras.

LokiStashed Classic Gift Scrunchies, 3-Pack


Classic Gift Scrunchies, 3-Pack

These genius scrunchies have an invisible zipper so you can secure small items like cash or keys. They are made with a glossy premium-grade velvet. You can make a bun, pony or braid with these accessories.

Overall Take

Secret Hidden PocketThis is an innovative product with a small zipper so you can stash keys, money and more in your hair accessory.

 Best Cotton Scrunchies

New Live All Hair Types Scrunchies, 15-Pack

New Live

All Hair Types Scrunchies, 15-Pack

These comfortable scrunchies are smooth and won’t snag your hair. They come in a number of solid colors and floral patterns. Plus, this set includes a stunning bag to store your scrunchies.

Overall Take

Smooth to The TouchThese soft scrunchies won’t pull out your hair.

  The Best Value

Chloven DIY Hairstyling Scrunchies, 45-Pack


DIY Hairstyling Scrunchies, 45-Pack

This 45-pack of multicolored hair scrunchies makes matching a snap. These accessories are made with a soft velvet to ensure a great feel in your hair.

Overall Take

Spunky and ColorfulThis multi-pack of hair scrunchies offers a variety of colorful choices.

Buying Guide

If you remember 1980s and 1990s fashion, it’s likely you’ve encountered the scrunchie. This is an elastic hair tie that is covered in fabric, used to tie back hair into a ponytail. Scrunchies can be unassuming or fanciful, depending on your style. While many women and girls wear scrunchies in their hair, some also use them as accessories for their wrists.

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There are many different ways to incorporate scrunchies in your hairstyle, regardless of how long your hair is. Many people like to do a messy bun updo with a scrunchie. The scrunchie keeps all your hair in place at the back of your head, and you can take out a few strands of hair to complete the messy look. If you’re going for Rapunzel look with a braid, use a scrunchie to tie off the end of it. Be sure to puff out the edges of your braid for more volume. One of the classic scrunchie looks is the high ponytail. For this look, you’ll want sleek hair that’s slicked back to the top of your head. Use an eye-catching scrunchie for the best retro effect. Use your hairbrush to tease a bit of volume into your pony.

What to Look For

  • When you’re on the hunt for that perfect scrunchie accessory, consider which outfits you want to wear it with. While many people consider scrunchies for a casual look, they can complement your formal outfits as well. Consider getting a silk or velvet scrunchie and creating a polished ballerina bun. For a casual girl-next-door look, go with a low ponytail or messy bun with a pattered cotton scrunchie.
  • If your hair is silky smooth, you may find scrunchies sliding down. You can opt for a scrunchie with a textured feel, so you have a better grip. This is ideal for when you’re working out or sleeping and you want your hair to stay in place.
  • Did you know your scrunchies can actually double as a purse? You can find scrunchies that have a discreet hidden zipper, which is perfect for storing small items like keys, money or lip gloss. This is especially handy when you don’t want to carry a handbag around with you.
  • Consider whether you want multiple scrunchies in the same color, such as a neutral black, or if you’re looking for a wide range of bright alternatives. You can find scrunchies in matte, pastel and bold colors as well.

More to Explore

The scrunchie was invented by Rommy Revson, a nightclub singer and pianist, in 1986. She was sick of the coarse hair ties that caused her hair to break and wanted a gentler solution. She created the first prototype of the scrunchie using the waistband of her pajama pants. Revson named the product “Scunchie” after her pet, a fluffy toy poodle. However, the name was later changed to Scrunchie because the fabric around the hair tie scrunches up. This accessory is also called by many other names, including hair cloud, chouchou and bunch bangle.

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