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The Best Roller Skates

Last updated on December 11, 2020
Best Roller Skates

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 Best All-Around Pick

Chicago Women’s Classic Roller Skates

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Women's Classic Roller Skates

You get both comfort and style with these classic roller skates. They have a reliable and large front brake for any sudden stops. The oversized wheels are high-impact.

Overall Take

Classic Skate with Athletic StyleThese traditional roller skates have a padded ankle collar for comfort.

 Best Classic

C SEVEN High-Top Roller Skates


High-Top Roller Skates

These classic roller skates have a vintage vibe. The faux leather is comfortable and durable. The high boot offers plenty of ankle support.

Overall Take

Durable and FashionableThese roller skates have a classic look and are made from long-lasting faux leather.

 Best for Kids

Sulifeel Rainbow Unicorn Roller Skates


Rainbow Unicorn Roller Skates

You can adjust the size on these roller skates to fit your growing kids. The wheels have colorful rainbow lights. The wheels generate their own power so no batteries are required.

Overall Take

Perfect for Growing ChildrenThese roller skates are adjustable and grow with your kids.

 Best Vintage

C SEVEN Quad Roller Skates


Quad Roller Skates

Bring back retro style with these high-top roller skates. They have a high level of ankle support. The faux-leather material is long-lasting and comfortable.

Overall Take

Retro Boot StyleThese high-top boots have a vintage look.

Buying Guide

For many people, roller skates bring a feeling of nostalgia from their childhoods. Popular long before inline skates, roller skates are considered as the classic skate. Ideal for both kids and adults, you can roller skate both outside and inside. They can be used for recreation and leisurely skating, in addition to playing games like roller derby. Roller skates are even used for dancing.

There are a number of different kinds of skates available, so consider what kind of skating you want to do most. Recreational skates, sometimes called indoor skates, are made for dancing and rhythm skating. They have a high boot which is best if you’re going to attempt jumps or spins. Speed skates are ideal for going fast and for certain kinds of dancing. They have a low-cut boot which offers you more flexibility and maneuverability around the ankles. Outdoor skates have special wheels that can handle uneven terrain. These wheels are soft and absorbent which is ideal for going over rough surfaces. Kids’ skates are specifically made more durable than adult skates because of the wear and tear they see. Their wheels also do not go as fast as adult skates.

What to Look For

  • Roller skates have four wheels, which are either hard or soft. They are measured on a durometer scale from 1-100A. The higher the number, the harder the wheels. Soft wheels are best for skating outdoors as they offer more shock absorption. Harder wheels have better grip and are more durable and long-lasting than soft wheels. They are better for indoor skating.
  • The boot of the roller skate can also be either hard or soft. Hard boots are designed for fitness as they have strong support. You can also replace the liner in these kinds of boots. If you want to dance or disco with your roller skates, then you need a soft boot. They don’t weigh you down, are more flexible and have better ventilation.
  • The toe stop wheel on roller skates has a dual purpose. It can be used to brake, and also used to set off from. It’s important to replace this wheel before it gets worn down.
  • While roller skates are functional items, they also can be used to express your sense of style. You can find roller skate boots in different colors, with solid or patterned shells. You can also find wheels that come in bright colors that make a visual statement.

More to Explore

Protection is key when you’re roller skating, whether inside or outside. Be sure to wear a skate helmet to protect your head in case you fall. It’s also important to wear wrist pads, which protect your wrists and hands if you fall. Most people use their hands to stop their fall, so this area sees a lot of impact. Elbow and knee pads are also important to lessen the impact on your joints if you fall. Having the right protection not only keeps you safe, but provides you with more confidence to try new things.

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