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The Best Office Chair

Last updated on October 15, 2023

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  The Best Overall

SIHOO Bidirectional Support Breathable Office Chair

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Bidirectional Support Breathable Office Chair

Not only do you get excellent lumbar support with this office chair, but it's also extremely comfortable. There's a built-in padded headrest and the chair has the ability to tilt, as well as swivel. You can even get the chair in black, gray or orange.

Overall Take

Comfortable and SupportiveThis office chair fits individuals with a height between 5 feet 6 inches and 6 feet 2 inches and a weight capacity of 330 pounds or less.

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Homall Rolling Skin Friendly Office Chair


Rolling Skin Friendly Office Chair

Comfortable is the best word to describe this office chair. It's made using an ergonomic design to properly support your back while you play. It also reclines and comes with a back pillow and a cushioned headrest.

Overall Take

Multiple Color ChoicesAdd a touch of color to your space with this office chair, which comes in every color from pink to green to blue.

  The Best Value

Neo Chair Casters Professional Office Chair

Neo Chair

Casters Professional Office Chair

With an upgraded nylon base and PU chair casters, this office chair is made to last. The fabric is breathable and stain resistant and you can even adjust the height and tilt of the back. The chair also has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Overall Take

Great BasicThe seat on this office chair is both wider and thicker than other models on the market.

 Also Consider

Flash Furniture Adjustable Lumbar Supporting Office Chair

Flash Furniture

Adjustable Lumbar Supporting Office Chair

If you're looking for a commercial-grade quality office chair at an affordable price, this model is your best bet. It features a 360-degree swivel and has a set of caster wheels to make moving around the office a breeze. The chair even comes in a wide range of fun colors, including yellow, blue, white, tan and red.

Overall Take

Also ConsiderThe ventilated curved back on this office chair provides breathability, as well as proper lumbar support.

Buying Guide

When working long hours at a desk, you’ll need an office chair that supports your back, has a comfortable seat and adjusts to fit your body. Most office chairs allow you to at least adjust the height, come with a swivel seat and have wheels on the base so you can move around.

When considering ergonomics, you’ll want to think about how long you’ll use the chair and any pain points you experience. If you have pain from the neck down to your back,  high-back office chairs can offer extensive support to your body for a long workday. A low- or mid-back office chair can suit more casual-use purposes and still offer some back support.

Keep in mind the chair’s adjustability options so that it fits your body and works for your desk. An adjustable height is a must, and if your chair has an armrest, adjustability in that area can allow for more comfortable typing. You’ll need a chair that can tilt back if you want the option to recline for a quick break.

For the most comfort, consider the material and padding used in the chair. Leather office chairs can come with a lot of thick padding but may offer less breathability than a thinner office chair covered in mesh fabric. However, office chairs with thin seat padding can wear down quickly and leave you sitting uncomfortably.

If you want the ability to easily maneuver around the room in your office chair, choose one with wheels and a pivoting seat. Some chairs have rollerblade-like wheels that move smoothly, while others have caster wheels with a cover to protect your floor. At the same time, make sure that your chair and its wheels are durable enough to support you and endure heavy use.

Don’t forget that an office chair can be stylish, too. While you can find brown, black and gray office chairs that fit in anywhere, chairs in fun colors like pink, green and blue exist, too. You can even find uniquely shaped office chairs that look like a more casual piece of furniture.

What to Look For

  • If your office gets warm or you sit for long hours, look for a chair covered in a thin, breathable material such as mesh. Thick materials like leather can cause you to sweat in your seat, though some manufacturers offer breathable leather options.
  • When choosing an office chair, look for one that conforms to your back’s curve if you commonly experience backaches or strains.
  • Chair padding will wear down over time, especially in the seat area. You can slow down the process if you find a chair with thick memory foam in the seat.
  • Consider an office chair with a headrest if you want to improve your posture and take some pressure off your back. You can often find chairs with adjustable headrests for your height.
  • Even the most comfortable seat may not work out if it’s not wide or deep enough for you. Generally, tall people should look for larger seats, while shorter people can do well with smaller ones.
  • Before buying an adjustable office chair, make sure that you can easily access the controls on it. Generally, you shouldn’t have to get off the chair to make adjustments. Also, check the instructions so that you know how to adjust the chair properly.
  • Eventually, an office chair will need to be replaced when it breaks or when the padding wears down to the point where you feel uncomfortable. However, you may be able to prolong a chair’s lifespan with the help of a seat cushion.
  • Don’t forget to check an office chair’s weight limit since it can vary widely — even among chairs that look similar. You’ll often find chairs with limits of around 250 pounds. If you need more capacity, look for chairs marketed as “big and tall.”
  • To keep your office chair clean, you can gently vacuum fabric chairs or use a cleaning foam for leather chairs. Gentle soap and water work well for mesh chairs.
  • Read reviews and check instructions before purchasing an office chair to avoid any troubles during assembly.

More to Explore

While they didn’t look like the chairs you see around offices today, people have used work chairs as far back as 1900 BCE. At that time, the ancient Egyptians would use special stools that made it easy to lean forward for work.

During the 1840s, Charles Darwin decided to put wheels on a wooden chair so that he could move around more easily to work with specimens in his experiments. More chairs with wheels came out during that decade to make it easier for workers to move around and reach things.

While such chairs offered functionality, they often lacked comfort. During the 1970s, makers started to focus more on ergonomics so that office chairs would become adjustable, better padded and more practical for long-term use.

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