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The Best Kids Hula Hoop for Fun and Exercise

Last updated on October 27, 2023
Best Kid's Hula Hoop

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OHYAIAYN Lightweight Segmented Kid’s Hula Hoop, 3-Pack

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Lightweight Segmented Kid’s Hula Hoop, 3-Pack

Since this kid's hula hoop set includes three hoops, little ones will be able to plan a competition or set up an obstacle course. The hoops come with multiple sections that snap together in just seconds. You can add a section to make the hoop bigger or take one away to make it smaller.

Overall Take

Most VersatileUse this kid's hula hoop set to keep your children active and healthy.

 Best Set

2Buyshop Weighted Kid’s Hula Hoop, 4-Pack


Weighted Kid's Hula Hoop, 4-Pack

This kid's hula hoop set contains a total of four hoops, which is great if you have multiple children in the home or you run a gymnastic studio. The high-quality plastic tubes used to make this hoop are fully adjustable and can be used with a diameter of 21 inches or a diameter of 24 inches. The hoops are also lightweight and easy to store when not...

Overall Take

Awesome MultipackThese kid's hula hoops can also be used as dog agility equipment for pet training.

 We Also Like

BOHS Space Saving Plastic Kid’s Hula Hoop


Space Saving Plastic Kid's Hula Hoop

This kid’s hula hoop comes apart into seven sections for easy transportation and storage. You can also add sand or rice to the hollow tubes to add weight to the hoop. The sturdy material is durable and will not come apart after snapping together.

Overall Take

Detachable and Weight-AdjustableThis kid’s hula hoop comes apart and can bear added weight.

 Best Light-Up

Maylai Light-Up Skin-Safe Kid’s Hula Hoop


Light-Up Skin-Safe Kid's Hula Hoop

Wow everyone with the bright LED lights of this kid’s hula hoop. It has a convenient on/off switch so you don’t need to remove the batteries if you want to turn off the lights. When on, it showcases 24 different colors.

Overall Take

Fun and BrightThis brightly lit kid’s hula hoop is sure to capture everyone’s attention at outdoor and nighttime events.

Buying Guide

Hula hooping is a childhood pastime and adult activity that goes back thousands of years. It is a hoop-shaped toy that is usually twirled around the waist, though it can also be twirled around the arms, legs and neck as well. Originally, hula hoops used to be made from grapevines, stiff grasses or rattan vines. However, modern hula hoops are made from plastic tubing.

There are many benefits to hula hooping, for both kids and adults. Hula hooping provides excellent cardiovascular or aerobic exercise. This helps to improve the flow of oxygen, which can lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. Plus, this kind of exercise is great for reducing stress and improving your brain function. Hula hooping can also help to improve your balance and maintain a better posture. It also helps you to improve stability. Not only that, hula hooping improves the muscles in your lower body, especially your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

Hula hooping is a great family-focused activity that kids can do on their own or with adults. Hula hoops are light and portable, so you can take them out to the back yard, to the park or wherever you want to spend time with your loved ones.

What to Look For

  • The most important thing to consider when getting a kid’s hula hoop is the size. Hula hoops comes in varying sizes and not all sizing works for everyone. You need to note the space between the child’s body and the hoop itself. If the hoop is too small, it will require the child to move really fast in order to keep the hoop rotating. Hoops for kids typically measure between 25 inches to 32 inches, but it will depend on the brand of the hula hoop.
  • If hula hooping is a new pastime for your kid, opt for a lightweight hoop without all the bells and whistles. This will be a good starter hoop to practice with. Once they get the hang of it, you can look into getting a weighted hoop to amp up the exercise and challenge.
  • Hula hoops for kids with LED lights add another wow factor to the experience. They have an on/off switch so you can choose when to display the lights. They look especially good when used outside in the dark.
  • Many kid’s hula hoops are detachable, so they consist of several pieces you have to snap together in order to make a hoop. While this adds an extra step, it’s great if you have little storage space.

More to Explore

Spinning the hula hoop around the waist is loads of fun, but there are many games kids and adults can both play. Turn hooping into a competition for speed or endurance on different parts of the body. See who can spin the fastest on their arms or the longest around their waist. Rolling the hula hoop on a parallel surface like the sidewalk or grass is also fun. You can compete to see who can roll it the fastest or straightest. If you want to add another element of competition, see who can kick a ball through the rolling hoop.

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